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  • GA Minutes 27/10/2023

    General Assembly I Winter Semester 2023/ 24 Date: 27th October 2023 at 2pm Venue: Max-Kade-Auditorium 2 Agenda: 1. Welcome 2:15pm 2. Call for elections – introducing the positions and calling for candidates 3. Proposing the New Charter 4. Officeholders’ updates 5. Q&A  6. Trade Union Strike 7. StuRa – voting item: antisemitism seminar 8.  Thank…

  • Agenda GA Meeting [14/07/2023]

    Welcoming everyone: Attendants:  Officeholder updates: EOs:       For the SC to say what they do and people can understand. StuRa: Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer): UCF Jumpers, t-shirts, caps. Help needed for organization of orders, replaying questions, looking at the orders, about shipping, etc. Sophia volunteered to have her PayPal data. Someone should check if the…

  • GA Minutes SoSe 2023 I

  • General Assembly I SoSe 2023 agenda