Agenda GA Meeting [14/07/2023]

Welcoming everyone:


  • Niko, rahel, Deborah, johanna, Alex, Anto, Millie, Yavuz, Quill 

Officeholder updates:


  • Charter amendment: no updates 
  • – ->The problem: there are some small mistakes.

      For the SC to say what they do and people can understand.

  • – -> plan: to have a good document, probably to be continued next winter semester 


Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):

  • Outreach:

UCF Jumpers, t-shirts, caps. Help needed for organization of orders, replaying questions, looking at the orders, about shipping, etc. Sophia volunteered to have her PayPal data. Someone should check if the money is paid. Until now 5 people in the group (link is going to be shared).

To be discussed: they could also be shipped for people that are abroad. Hopefully, to be continued in the next outreach.

 -> to digitize this product we have to pay 5€, but we only need to save and then store it to use it again. It’s once for each item. 

– -> we can’t get StuRa money for this, but it is an option for the StuRa money specific for LAS

– -> tote bags could also be done like this, in case they change them because of new university colors.

– -> put all of this on Ilias for the next committee/ next cohort, but could depend on what people want  

– -> are we advertising that we are offering them? To put in the new EO newsletter on Sunday, also the group to organize. 

FISHER HATS 18€ available in sage green, black, white, beige, baby blue – brand: organic cotton

BASEBALL CAPS 16€ available in black, creme white, charcoal grey, olive green – brand: econscious

JUMPERS SPECIAL EDITION 30€ available in black, white, navy blue, light pink – brand: stanley&stella organic cotton 

JUMPERS BASIC EDITION 22€ available in black, white, cherry red, forest green, blue, navy blue, melange grey, charcoal grey – brand SOL’S organic cotton 

T-SHIRTS 16€ available in black, white, cherry red, burgundy red, forest green, blue, light pastel blue, light beige, dark beige, navy blue, melange grey, charcoal grey, neon green, dusty pastel blue, khaki/olive green – brand: Stanley/stella organic cotton

  • Mediators: 

Please send pictures of the ICGT if you have any. Have talked with new people interested, new cohort. Upcoming zoom in two weeks with prospective students. To do: print the slide (or the content) to put in the info board. 



  • Committee updates

– UCF Instagram account has changed hands. New Instagram committee 

– Updates from committees 

– -> new: UCF Gaming Committee. Looking for a new name, the first meeting was during the ICGT. Join telegram and discord group. Probably meeting before the end of the semester. Possibly also in august and September

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • Future events: End of semester party 21st of July. Asking for cars