GA Minutes 27/10/2023

General Assembly I Winter Semester 2023/ 24

Date: 27th October 2023 at 2pm

Venue: Max-Kade-Auditorium 2


2.Call for elections – introducing the positions and calling for candidates
3.Proposing the New Charter
4.Officeholders’ updates
6.Trade Union Strike
7.StuRa – voting item: antisemitism seminar
8. Thank you to office-leaving people
9.Committee updates
11.Call for elections – introducing the positions and calling for candidates
12.End ♡

We are going to have an election in the first GA of the semester.  

According to the, the open positions are as follows.  Note that the service duration of all positions below are 2 semester long.  

  • 1 Executive Organizers (at least 1 non-female): Sony 
  • 2 Delegates to the Board of Studies: Lola, Sophia
  • 1 Mediators (at least 1 non-female): Franka, Janina
  • 1 Secretary of Outreach: Johanna
  • Deputy of Treasurer: Janina
  • Treasurer: Lena 

Announcing the votes on the Telegram group (unanimous vote)

Voting: Saturday 20:00 (8 pm) – Tuesday 31. Oct 23:59!

In order to include all members of the student body, the election will be held online, if there is no objection.  Candidates need to announce their candidacy at the latest during the GA.  Candidates that cannot be present during the GA have to announce their application in advance via email to the Executive Organizers.

We look forward to your candidacies! A detailed explanation of the announcement process is below.

  1. If you cannot be present at the GA:

Please contact us under and send us your written application (introduce yourself + explain why you would like to run for office) and a picture of yourself, to be used on the electronic ballot, by the 26th of October 2023. 

  1. If you can be present in the GA:

You can announce your candidacy at the GA. To do this, either raise your hand or contact us directly and we will announce your candidacy to the assembly. Your picture for the electronic ballot will be taken after the GA. Introducing yourself + explaining why you would like to run for office on stage are optional. 

Positions explained:

Executive Organisers (EO) are the heads of the Students Council.  The following is an abstract composed by past EOs about the tasks that an EO has to do, according to the Charter (§8fi) and past generations’ experiences. Abstract: EOs’ responsibilities

Delegates to the Board of Studies (BoS)

The BoS delegates are involved with the Study and Exam Regulations and its implementation. All students can approach them with issues around StuPo, exams, Bachelor thesis, or any related concerns. These issues are then brought forward by the delegates at the Board of Studies (“Studienkomission”) meetings with professors and staff, which happens twice every semester. 


The position “Mediators” is extrinsic to the board. The main tasks of the mediators are:

  1. Confidentially resolve conflicts between students and between the University staff and students. 
  2. Organize and assist with various events to build the LAS community (Inter-Cohort-Get-Together, end-of-the-year-celebration, winter-festivity, camping)
  3. Internal communication (e.g., closed FB group, SC website intranet) 
  4. Student Council elections.

Overall, they are here to help you and will support you in your cause!


The Students’s Council Treasurer directly manages the Student’s Council Budget and indirectly monitors the SVB (“Studierendenvorschlagsbudget”) and StuRa LAS Fachbereichbudget (“Department Fund”). The treasurer is also responsible for the creation of the biannual The Finnacial Report and the housing of the Student’s Council funds. 

Secretary of Outreach

The Secretary of Outreach coordinates and organises the Outreach Committee. They represent the student body of UCF and its interests to other universities and Liberal Art Colleges. As such, main tasks include 

  • Communication, external and internal
  • Organization of get-together events and smaller-scale exchanges
  • Coordination between Alumni/ae and Students
  • Social media: Promotion of the UCF and its event through instagram and facebook (not creation of the posts itself, but sending the conception + sketch of content to UCF social media managers) 

These tasks are mostly realised in 

  • Hitchhiking challenge with UCM (Communication on and organisation thereof)
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with Alumni/ae for events, organisation thereof
  • Communication with UCF staff 
  • Communicating with all Cohorts about events and possibilities
  • Sending the feedback form on courses taken outside of UCF to all Cohorts (see drive)
  • Organising UCF-relevant stuff that facilitate community representation and community-building, e.g,. in 2023, we order + distribute new UCF jumpers

3. Charter proposal 

Definitions and purposes, ideally to become the new charter. Sent out Monday

  • A description of what is being done and recommendations for the future
  • Money topics stay the same (GA approves budgets onlY of less than 100 EUR)
  • Quorum is 10% of the student body 

Voted in favour (unanimous)

4. Updates

  • Vogelmann ordered the hot pink merch
  • Future possible events: ICGT, Winter Formal, UCF Winter punch, feminism to go lecture,
  • Proposal: movie night in the common room
  • If you want to email cohorts use the cohort email
  1. Board of Studies
  • Represent students to the BoS and BoE meetings
  • Deal with matters concerning Study and Examination Regulations
  • 6th of November,  2-4 for candidates as “Delegates to the BoS”
  • How to complain: 

Talk to instructor

Talk to major coordinator

Talk to Thorsten (core, if instructor is major coordinator)

Talk to Stefan or Frieder

Talk to us if a recurring problem

Fill in course evaluation !! (There must be 5 or more respondents for them to be valid)

  1. Mediators
  • One new mediator 
  • Conflict resolution, LAS events, prospective students, put stuff in the website
  • Right now working on a safe space on LAS due to the current situation in Gaza (
  • Survey to address this topic, how should it be addressed by the SC and Mediators
  1. Treasurer 
  1. Outreach
  • Jumpers, but more than that
  • Deborah losing their shit – “this is not supposed to be funny”
  • Setting up an explanation for how to organize orders, or create and sell merch.
  • Deborah still being responsible for merch
  • Still needing volunteers! 
  • Hitchhiking Challenge – good vibes
  1. StuRa
  • Now also involved in SVB – look into Ilias for information 
  • Not elected in GA – elections are in July
  • StuRa every Tuesday 
  1. International Representative
  • QR code for Life hacks for international students
  1. Instagram Account
  • Now a committee
  • Volunteers: Janina cohort 12
  1. Ver.di
  • Legal representation and advice regarding workers rights, tenancy problems, or pensions
  • Financial support in work-related injuries and/or leisure-time accidents
  • Information for the unemployed and the employed
  • Free International Student Identity Card for university students
  • Negotiating salary raise for university employees including HiWis
  • Membership is much cheaper for students than other employees at the University, join while you can! 
  • TV-Stud Telegram chat → Yavuz
  1. StuRa Business
  • FACE, related to econ students
  • EU Networking
  • Seminar for International Students, remove tuition fees, Anne LAS
  • Sozialreferat (majority in favour, 2 abstention) 
  • Petition Tennis courts (majority in favour, 1 abstention) 
  • Department for Anti Semitism – current application is controversial for being too pro-Israel. A different Referat because of the delicate situation. Is an online poll instead of voting during GA. 

Poll closing on tuesday

  1. Committee updates
  • Arts liberated: Jam session every wednesday. Art group in the works. Crochet group is active 
  • If interested in doing something with arts, contact Karla. 
  • Feminism to go: meetings on mondays 6pm. Upcoming events: Decolonial feminism lectures (first lecture November 21 6pm, Max Kade 1) – open for all
  • GAD – Global Affairs in Dialogue: not very active recently, but will be involved in LESC (Liberal Education Student Council, hopefully in May). There is a website. 
  • Model United Nations: weekly debates on Wednesday 8pm, UR2 in KG4 – in English
  • Quixotic: dedicated to talking about stuff- “it’s reading, but is cool reading”
  • Reading room committee: Winter Festivity coming – there will be a Christmas alcoholic poison, new cosy armchair, reduced budget so there’s a small selection of books. New whatsapp group 
  • Repair café: will arise from the dead at some point. Open for volunteers 
  • UCF Gaming Committee: still working on the name, a bunch of events, currently working on a list of board games, next meeting 9/11 at 7.30pm