Welcome to AlumniLAS (ALAS)! We are the official UCF Alumni Fachchapter within the University Freiburg Alumni e.V.

On October 15th, 2016, the first cohort of students pioneered their way out of UCF’s doors.

Our Main Objectives

  • Helping Alumni find contacts around the world, with whom to mingle and collaborate
  • Supporting UCF students and our Alma Mater in delivering great education
  • Collaborating fruitfully with other Alumni of the University of Freiburg
  • Helping students keep in touch with UCF
  • Organizing teaching opportunities

What does our work look like?

  • Building an accessible Database of our Alumni
  • Keeping close contact with the Student Council and staff
  • Collecting updates from Alumni
  • Organizing fun and intellectually stimulating activities such as speeches, conferences, and workshops


Head to the official University Freiburg Alumni e.V. to register. It’s completely free for the first five years of your membership. Your contact details will be forwarded to us, and we will put them in our database.

Who are we?

Accordig to the Student Council’s decision of November 2015 and the ALAS’ founding decision, the current director is:

Gregor Ranft (First Cohort)

Our communications officer is:

Cedric Jürgensen (First Cohort)

We are in need of volunteers to organize events. Please contact us at

See you soon!