The SC Offices

The Student Council’s board is made up of ten elected offices that take care of official matters and social activities. They are overseen and supported by the three independent mediators.

The three Executive Organizers are the linking element of the board and the main coordinators and representatives of the Student Council. They organize the Student Council with its regular meetings and communicate issues of the Student Council to the UCF staff in monthly meetings with its management. Moreover, they collect ideas and implement projects. They are responsible for encouraging active engagement of the student body by distributing tasks and coordinating task forces.

The three Executive Organizers are Niko Christen, Sophia Wong, and Antonia Rubilar.

The four Delegates to the Board of Studies represent student opinions and take a stand for student interests in the LAS Board of Studies (StuKo). The StuKo is an inter-faculty board that deals with different issues regarding the LAS Study and Examination Regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung/StuPo), which is the document defining and regulating our programme on a legal basis. The Delegates also attend the meetings with the directorate.

The Delegates to the Board of Studies are Jakob Kolberg, Milena Schwotzer, Millie Lemke, and Kimmy Shah.

The Treasurer is your primary contact for money matters. They keep track of Student Council/LAS community money and co-organize the SVB allocation. They are responsible for executing budget decisions, advising committees/student projects on financial matters and compiling a financial report once per semester.

The Treasurer is Léna Diakité.

The Secretary of Outreach and their team, the Outreach Committee, are responsible for all external communications – beyond the UCF, the University of Freiburg and Germany. They are in charge of the LAS social media channels and promoting the program to the broader public. They are also keeping relations with fellow Liberal Arts Colleges around the world and participating in Liberal Arts conferences (such as LESS/LESC, ECOLAS, EPICUR).

Further, the Secretary of Outreach is the contact person for UCF Project Management (Caro Wacker) and EPICUR Freiburg (Kerstin Fest).

The Secretary of Outreach is Deborah Krzyzowski.

TThe Secretary of University Affairs is the LAS head delegate to the University Student Council (Studierendenrat, short “StuRa”). Together with their fellow delegates they represent all LAS students within the Studierendenrat. In the StuRa, delegates from all study programs gather to discuss the current state of affairs in the university-wide student life (e.g. budget decisions, projects). All delegates to the StuRa are elected during the university elections, after which the candidate in position one automatically becomes the Secretary of University Affairs.

Further, the Secretary of University Affairs co-organises the SVB allocation and advises/coordinates the committees.

The Secretary of University Affairs is Caren Sausmikat.

The three mediators are an independent organ and not part of the board. They confidentially resolve individual conflicts within the Student Council or conflicts of members with the university staff on a personal level.

The mediators are also responsible for LAS community building by organizing and assisting with various events (e.g., inter-cohort-get-together, end-of-the-year-celebration, winter-festivity, camping, parties).

Further, the mediators are in charge of all internal communication (e.g., closed FB group, SC website intranet) as well as communication with prospective students.

Finally, the mediators are taking care of the Student Council elections.

Over all, they are here to help you and will support you in your cause!

They are also eager to hear from you if you are currently thinking about discontinuing your studies in the LAS program. Your perspective is of high value to us and can contribute to an improved environment here at the UCF.

Your current mediators are:
Yavuz Ülker, Nicole Ahn, and Rahel Szirtes.