Next General Assembly this Friday!

A new semester is about to start and we will have our first



FRIDAY – 15.04. //  16.00 // HS 3044


Preliminary Agenda:

1. Ursula Glunk (Academic Director of UCF) says hi to the student body

2. Elections!

–> If you are interested in running for an office:

3. Board of Studies – News


As always if you have anything you would like to add feel free to send us an e-mail at:

We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Friday and wish you a wonderful start into the new semester!

Run for a Studentscouncil Office!

Run for a Studentscouncil Office! 

We will elect 8 new office holders at the GA this Friday – 15.04. //  16.00 // HS 3044


Two Executive Organizers

Two Mediators

One Delegate to the Direktorium

One Delegate to the Board of Studies

One Treasurer

One Secretary of Outreach


You want to know more about what the offices?

→ Check out:


You still have questions or would like to get a personal impression?

→ Contact the current office holders! You find their e-mail addresses under:


You’re eager to run for an office?

→ Send an e-mail to with your name, year and the office you would like to run for


See you all on Friday !



Nachhilfe-Netzwerk Freiburg

Nachhilfe-Netzwerk Freiburg!

(Unfortunately only in German)

Liebe LASler,

Wir sind die Studenteninitiative Nachhilfe Netzwerk Freiburg, die ehrenamtliche Nachhilfe von Freiburger Studenten für benachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche vermittelt. Dabei kooperieren wir mit sozialen Einrichtungen, Schulen und anderen (Studenten-)Initiativen in Freiburg.

Während wir stets nach neuen NachhilfelehrerInnen suchen, die bereit sind, eine Stunde ihrer Woche für Nachhilfe zu spenden, suchen wir gerade händeringend nach Verstärkung für unser Organisationsteam.

Die Organisationsarbeit reicht von Website-Betreuung über Werbekampagnen zur Organisation von Informationsabenden für zukünftige NachhilfelehrerInnen und beschränkt sich auf eine überschaubare Stundenzahl. 😉 Darüber hinaus habt ihr die Möglichkeit, auch eigenen Ideen einzubringen und zu verfolgen.

Wir würden uns freuen, auch weiterhin ehrenamtlich Nachhilfe in Freiburg vermitteln zu können. Dafür brauchen wir eure Hilfe: Meldet euch unter und erzählt euren Freunden von uns. 1000 Dank!

Bis bald,
das Team vom Nachhilfe Netzwerk Freiburg.
PS: Für mehr Informationen könnt ihr auch auf unserer Website ( vorbeischauen.

Next General Assembly

We’ll have our first General Assembly in 2016

on Friday, 12:00 in HS 3044 !

And here’s what’s going to happen:

1. Introduction to University Politics

2. Decision on the office of Secretary of University Affairs

3. Board of Studies – News

4. Alumni Project

5. Presentation of Yoga-Committee:-)

6. Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

7. Camping Money

8. Mediators Adress

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you there !!


Hey you people we hope you had wonderful holidays & a good start into this exiting year!

Is there a better way to start the year with than with a studentscouncil meeting?! Because the answer is no…

Friday // 15.01.2016 // 12.00 // Common Room

Our Agenda for this studentscouncil meeting is:

1 // Discussion of the preliminary agenda for the upcoming General Assembly

A // Discussion about the restructuring of the Secretary of University Affairs Office
B // Decision about Rasthaus sponsoring
C // Info session about University Politics

These are the topics we have so far, but if you have any topics you would like to discuss in the GA which need a pre-discussion just message us and we will discuss it in the studentscouncil first and see if we can solve issues to keep the GA as sleek as possible. 🙂

2 // StuKo News (focusing on the recent credit recognition issues for LAS students abroad.)

Also as usual, if you have any other topics you would like to discuss in the studentscouncil meeting just message us. 🙂

We are so exited to see you again & wish you good start into this block!


Rebekka, Patrick & Jasper

UCF-Studentscouncil-Logo (klein)

Welcome Refugees to Rieselfeld

Hey you engaged people,

We would like to invite you to come to the first meeting organizing the voluntary help at the new emergency housing for refugees at Mundenhof. The process of establishing new emergency housing is just underway now & the organizers are looking for any help they can get. May it be organizing bikes, providing German lessons or whatever else you can imagine.

The meeting will take place on:

Wednesday 9th December // 19.00 // Glashaus // Rieselfeld.


See you there!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.30.00 PM

StudentsCouncil Meeting

UCF-Studentscouncil-Logo (klein)Hélas!

as every second week we’ll have a StudentsCouncil meeting this Friday at 10:30 am in the Common Room.

Topics on the agenda:

1. Refugee project coordination with input from Veronika Lipphardt

2. Reflection on the rule of the StuRa within the StudensCouncil in light of our new “Fachschaft”

4. Creation of a second UCF Facebook group for better distingtion between official and non-official matters

5. Update of “Direktoriumssitzung”

6. Short news feed from Board of Studies

7. Discussion, opinion gathering and action plan on minutes of silence at  UCF

If you have further suggestions don’t hesitate in putting them forward!

All the best,
Rebekka, Jasper & Patrick

Teaching German to Refugees

Dear Language Acrobats,
We all have the privilege to be able to speak multiple languages and have all had the experience in our lives to learn at least one foreign language and usually a lot more than that. Also most of you have been living in another country for some time and you know the feeling arriving in a strange, new environment and knowing pretty much nobody there.
That’s what hundreds of refugees are going through right now arriving in Freiburg these weeks. Every week about 100 refugees are coming to Freiburg. Most of them are not speaking German and naturally they feel overwhelmed by what is happening around them. The city and most social workers also feel completely overwhelmed by the tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead of them. As they mostly are concerned with providing accommodation to everybody right now, other things fall short like providing language classes and helping newly arrived refugees orientate in their new environment. But as you all know language is the key prerequisite for any integration to occur! Unfortunately, many refugees spend their first couple months here without having possibilities to learn German or get to know Freiburg.
As I believe all of you are language experts I would like to ask you for your support. For a couple years I have been helping out at one of the refugee homes in Freiburg which has been rapidly expanding in the past few months. They are currently looking for volunteers to teach German and show newly arrived refugees around Freiburg. There are really great people working and living there and I wanted to share with all of you what their plans for the future are and how you could contribute. I want to invite you to join me this Thursday, October 29th at 5 pm in the Common Room. Then I can tell you more about the current situation in Freiburg, about my experiences teaching German to refugees and about ways you can join these efforts!
If you have any questions or cannot make it on Thursday, but still would like to join, then feel free to write me an e-mail:
I am looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday! Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
All the best, Clara
I’ll also post it on Facebook but I would appreciate if you also send it or post it on the website. Thanks! Have a great start in the new week!
Best, Clara