LESC 2024 – Programme

Day 1


Arrival, Registration & Welcome Remarks

Venue: Peterhof basement


Keynote Panel

For the World Savior, for the Curious, or for the High-Achiever? Three Different Imaginations of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt, University College Freiburg

Venue: Peterhof basement



Coffee break

Working groups (Tracks 1-4)

Place: Peterhof seminar rooms 

Track 1

Room: 1

Moderator: Mikołaj Keczyński


Track 2

Room: 2

Moderator: Harry Parfitt

Isabella Giner
Giulia Amatore
Abdul Rahman Khan
Chiara Baker
Wai Yu Ng
Megan Leong
(include links of their paper?)

Track 3

Room: 3

Moderator: Silvia Berigüete Pastor

Twan Tromp
Tomáš Podubinský
Lennart Arnold
Oksana Mikalaevna
Arseniy Karsakov
(include links of their paper?)

Track 4

Room: 4

Moderator: Sophia Wong

Sadie Mansfield
Kiet Winter
Damiano Trovato
Esme Hide
Murad Sharifzade
(include links of their paper?)



Coffee break

Evening Panels

Converging Paths: Unravelling the Tapestry of Interdisciplinarity in Liberal Education

Interdisciplinarity and Truth: Reflections on the Epistemology of Interdisciplinarity

Prof. Teun Dekker, University College Maastricht


It is all too easy to assume that interdisciplinary research and education presuppose a subjectivist view of truth. One might believe that different disciplines have different ways of looking at the world and reveal different insights. There is no authoritative basis for deciding which “truth” is best, and so one must adopt an anti-foundationalist or post-modern view of the world in which there is no space for objective truth. In this presentation, I will explore this reasoning and the role of objectivity in interdisciplinary thinking.

Speaker’s Bio

Broad, deep, integrative and reflexive learning: ‘Disciplined interdisciplinarity’ in a liberal arts curriculum

Prof. Dr. Iris van der Tuin, Utrecht University


Speaker’s Bio

Disciplined Interdisciplinarity

Prof. Rafał Witkowski, Adam Mickiewicz University



Venue: Peterhof Basement