LESC 2024

What is the LESC?

The LESC is a European-Asian wide conference for students to exchange on our Liberal Education programs. It is a significant opportunity for students to rethink and reconnect in the evolving landscape of Liberal Arts and Sciences, both locally and globally.

Returning after Covid-19, we are thrilled to announce that the Liberal Education Students Conference 2024 is being held at the University College Freiburg.


“Liberal what?” Liberal Education: Rethink and Reconnect.


With this conference, we want to re-establish and promote connections between Liberal Education programs, exchange views, and discuss the future of Liberal Education.

What to expect?

  • Organized by students for students
  • A convergence of interactive discussions, practical workshops, and shared narratives
  • Empowering students to actively shape their educational journeys and societal roles

The LESC invites you to redefine what Liberal Education can and should be – to rethink and reconnect!


The program is organized around four main tracks, the main topics that will be discussed at the conference.

  • Track 1 
    Integrating Liberal Education with Individual Journeys
  • Track 2 
    Students and Our Impact on Communities
  • Track 3
    How History created Modern Society
  • Track 4
    The Future is Interdisciplinary

Each track enables reflection on both theoretical and practical aspects of Liberal Education – with the goal of formulating new perspectives and proposals for a contemporary Liberal Education.

Contact us: LESC UCF Freiburg lesc.ucfr@gmail.com (Sophia Wong)