Minutes SC meeting [18.04.2024]

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: Antonia, Janina, Niko, Rahel, Johanna, Son

Officeholder updates:


  • Website issues: We have both run out of our 1 GB storage space and our 10 GB transfer volume due to which we (or the person responsible) had to pay extra.

-> proposal: extending our contract which would mean paying 7,47€ per month (we would get unlimited transfer volume and 10GB storage space

→ we will delete old newsletters and stop directly uploading the minutes files to solve this and in the long run extend the contract after talking to Lena or perhaps after reallocating some SVB money.

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • UCF Spaces (hallway decorations, Common Room, …):
    • Common room and reading shelf allocations
    • Thank you gift card -> Son will take care of it
    • Bottles: clean them up after the peer advisee meeting and recruit some new people along the way -> newsletter
  • New meeting date and time -> until after the GA, we’ll stay with Thursday at 4pm
  • GA & new elections: 2EOs, 2 Mediators, Treasurer, 2 BOS, Secretary of Outreach (or a deputy)
    • 17th May 6pm
    • Food, drinks, …
    • Common Room/Reading Room