Minutes SC Meeting [25.01.2024]

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: Johanna, Rahel, Alex, Niko, Sony, Antonia, Janina

Officeholder updates:

  • Website traffic
  • GA organisation
  • -> EOs going to ask staff if they can book a room for us. 
  • -> Time: preferably afternoon 
  • -> To do: contact committees 
  • EO Drive opening stuff
  • Meet up with staff


  • StuRa voting
  • SVB applications
  • Paul (or Nina)is updating the website

-> May G ? Contacted Alex about elections

->Sony: is there more information

Alex: it is all in the protocol, and they will give a declaration 

Alex: there’s nothing official yet

Niko: could we leave this in your hands then? 

Protocol: conspiracy theories, in a group pro-choice, against AfD, student from sociology and political sciences 

-> we leave it to Alex

  • There’s an SVB gremium 
  • Application for sleeping in the UB
  • Application from Lydia about making possible contacts for when people go through cases of harassment. 
  • Demonstration “Wir sind die Brandmauer”  from Ideelle Unterstützung 3rd of Feb. There’s a big demo in Berlin and now in Freiburg. 3000 requested

-> 5 in favor, 1 abstention 

Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):
  • BOS:
  • Mediators:
    • meeting with Anne and Thorsten this week

-> would like to know if students are going through something, inform them if anything happens (if a friend is at the hospital, drops out, etc)

  • information travel within UCF
  • emergency buddies 

-> if anyone needs help, to translate and go with them if they’re at the hospital, etc. 

-> Sony: how are we spreading this out?

-> Rahel: mostly informally. 

-> we could send it in the cohort groups 

  • Make information on mental health issues/where to find help more available – poster on walls 
  • More event, e.g. peer advising meet up as start of summer semester party 
  • Treasury: 

* How much money do we have ?

Lena: Enough 


  • Winter Formal:
    • get money to and from Lena (treasurer) – resolved
    • Reach out to volunteers to organize who helps when
    • Send out reminder mail 

-> 21 volunteers, 3 for cleaning up 

-> for the clean up, people meeting at 11

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • UCF Spaces (hallway decorations, Common Room, …): better way to organize the stuff that we have and money. 
  • Reminder for EOs: send out a reminder about the course evaluations
  • To do: Will we have SC meetings during the break? Maybe 2, depending on what comes up
  • Budget request for the zero waste week project: StuRa (and SVB) funding wasn’t possible, purpose: to get prices (30€ and 20€) which were already promised by the organizers of the project
  • 8 in favour -> approved 

-> they might need money for posters, but can be resolved by SVB

  • Budget request for the Bachelor student conference (to have refreshments
  • -> Niko: maybe ask MM and Simon if it could be sponsored by UCF, otherwise come back to us