Minutes SC Meeting [18.01.2023]

Attendants: Johanna, Ella, Niko, Jakob, Sony, Janina, Antonia, Rahel, Lena, Ana

Officeholder updates:

  • Online Open Days volunteers:
    • 26.1. Lena Diakite, 23.2., 15.3., 26.4.
  • E-Learning Projekt:another a messenger app for communication between university students, a discussion is in planning, they’re looking for students to get involved → newsletter 
  • Proposal: there are actually 2 or 3 SVB people who will be voting for this next week. We will give conditional approval and trust the representatives to vote according to their own judgement.
  • Short session this week:) we can vote on:
  • 1- 1 application for the SVB Gremium (David S.): 9 out of 9 people in favor (unless the representatives who are better informed don’t have any reservations) 
  • 2- 1 application for the “Vorstand” (Mae G.): 9 out of 9 people in favor (unless the representatives who are better informed don’t have any reservations) 
  • 3- 1 financial application for the purchase of height-adjustable tables for the StuRa executives —> they want to have 5.730€ out of a pot which still has 11.076, 87€ in it until March 31st (the AstA has already voted in favor, so our voting is more or less a formality here – if we vote against the financial application then the money goes back into the pot and remains there – which would be a pity): We are assuming that the money would otherwise not be spent: 6 in favor, 2 against, no abstentions (with the condition that the representatives who are better informed don’t have any reservations) 
  • Update: I reached out to the other StuRa delegates and we voted about the StuRa polls: We would be happy if we could keep the usual procedure of voting on StuRa matters during the SC meetings/ in the SC Group and not make an extra poll. Do let me know if we need to talk about this again:) 
    –> We don’t need to talk about it anymore since it did not really lead to higher participation and discussion wasn’t possible.
  • Update nr.2 Re. Funding for the SC: I think there is the possibility of using our StuRa Fachschaftsbudget after all – if this topic resurfaces, I can look more into it:)
    Lena: We can always use it. They usually don’t deny us to do this.
  • @EOs: Can you please include a reminder for the SVB meeting next week Monday in the Newsletter? That would be super cool!
    If you need me to formulate a small text about it, do let me know. Otherwise, I think that we can simply use the previous mail that was sent out. Thank you and see ya soon:)
Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):


  • Report from BOS meeting
  • Tentative course list for newsletter (only as a first overview)+ reminder for evaluations → send out in the newsletter
  • Course evaluation: ask lecturers to allocate time in class, evaluations are no place for personal insults, please provide constructive criticism

→ sent a friendly reminder about being respectful with the newsletter

  • Teaching award?

One based on evaluations, one based on SC led poll?

→ to have a more positive evaluation result as well

→ it would be fun to do this during the summer party (chocolate, tea)

→ we could make a poll for the SC website which would then be sent out to everyone. Rahel will start with it but is not sure when they will complete it. We might thus just do it over the holidays and hand it over then.

Instead of chocolate or tea we could buy some sort of medal

MM and some others want to solidify the rule that you cannot replace all modules/classes in each major with abroad classes (foundational courses, governmental research) (the issue is that they need enough participants for those courses. It’s to make sure that UCF students are participating)

  • Is there a way to ever talk about this with Frieder?
  • –> We had a big discussion. The burden is proving that the classes actually fit with the examination office which makes it much more difficult
    The board of studies said that 50% can be replaced. This is the rule but it may be discussed although it might be difficult.
    There is also some simplification in terms of exam registration for outside classes
  • We talked about credits and alumni relations: Having a group with former students or at least a publicly shared spreadsheet about what people are doing now → this is an outreach thing. Johanna is happy to look into it starting in February. There are only a few selected stories and a list without contacts available on the website. It could be made more accessible.
    There will also be alumni invited to an “opportunities after LAS” event soon.
  • Maybe put a reminder in the Newsletter about the “Elective Joker” section: You can sign up for an examination in HIS in One for your electives now. (Studienleistung or Studienleistung and Prüfungsleistung, the latter is possible in this Elective Joker section)
  • Outreach:
    • UCM representative has reached out about exchange tradition to Maastricht in the SoSe
    • The hitchhiking will take place as well this year.
  • Mediators:
    • ICGT this Friday: dance classes, in one of the seminar rooms

→ snacks?? Janina will get some. Advertise the event in  your cohort chats 🙂

  • grieving space & co: mediator meeting coming soon

→ it will come up soon again, Janina: possible idea would be a documentation screening, all mediators are very busy right now


applications for money:

-> a group from R&L cohort 12 for their dance event project which will happen next week. They need money for the travel of the DJ and the location -> we would like more information → proposal: scheduling a meeting or some exchange with the group within the next days to figure out what exactly they are imagining (what, how it will work) -> Sony’s number will be included in the email to the group so they can reach out to them -> the we can vote on it in the group chat

-> Zero waste team from the environmental [I did not get the exact name] class: they’ve already asked StuRa but were denied it because it’s for ects -> they want 50€ as a price for coupons for Glaskiste and they need more money for jars to put waste in that still comes up in their projects → proposal: measure a certain volume of jars, let participants use their own jars, we’d be on board with coupons but maybe they could be smaller. They have not said who they are doing it with (UCF or other students) -> Lena will invite them to the next meeting

Proposal to Paul to change the information on the Treasurer on the LAS website (name, cc, contacting SC before the treasurer)

Lena will leave their position so we should try to find someone to replace them. They are fine with answering e-mails but they won’t be very active. -> The next elections won’t take place until April but we could have an emergency vote. Niko’s term will end soon and they’d be interested in continuing, perhaps as treasurer.

  • Winter Formal: next friday 8pm-2am, ticket sales are still going on, let people know that they can buy their tickets now, tell them that they can still reserve tickets

Asking for volunteers who have cars and can help with the drinks → talk to Niko

There will be a door guarding duty and bar duty and cleaning up on Saturday

→ a sheet for signing up will be sent out, please help 🙂

It will be really really cool. We’re very excited.

LESC Janina: they just had a meeting with Paul. Next week there will be a meeting with a bigger crowd/more important people. The main issue right now is the financial part: Approaching former sponsors, booking hostels/accommodation, there’s a participation fee depending on accommodation or not -> SCs help would be appreciated but many people are very busy. Yet there’s also been a lot of progress and it would be a shame if it would not take place.

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up

  • Announcing the GA in the NL (note for Antonia)
  • It will happen on the 9th of February we should properly advertise it via mail and the group chats, tell people to bring food and drinks)
  • Leftover drinks from the Winter Formal can be used for the GA
  • general reminder: Nikos, Jakobs, Milenas and Antonias (and Rahel if they go abroad) term will end soon!