Minutes SC Meeting [14.12.2023]

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: Sony, Niko, Alex (Cohort 11), Alex (Cohort 7), Alex (Cohort 12), Rahel, Johanna, Lena, Janina, Antonia 

Officeholder updates:

  • Updates from the EO/staff meeting: Mediator training, Hiwi thing
  • Talked to Stefan, Thorsten, Paul about the mediator training, they asked to be more in touch with the mediators to provide help better 
  • Talked about the Hiwi position for SC, a bit confusing, what would this mean? To move forward on this proposal, we should collect what the essential bureaucratic jobs are of different people and if this could be distilled into one central (paid) position
    • StuRa is one of the more bureaucratic positions 
    • We should have a specific SC meeting to discuss this after the break
    • Mixed feelings about having one person that gets paid, weird hierarchy and centralized power, is it even possible to distill the jobs down to such a position? 
    • Nikos suggestion: paying the student council in general, money could be used to make SC meetings nicer (Amenities instead of pay, making SC nicer and more relaxed) → Alex: would be paid from SVB, directing that to the SC in general is not possible
    • Alex can look into the possibilities we have (thank you) 
    • Create overview of tasks that we have
    • One point that staff could help with: making SC an eingetragener Verein so the money stuff is not illegal, would be easier to deal with our funds and get funds easier, could get sponsored? → previously when Lena brought it up, staff didn’t seem too responsive about it, Rahel can ask S&R people who did it before
  • There are a couple of people from all cohorts who haven’t been getting the newsletter/the email fails and thus they are unsubscribed from the distributor. Does anyone have an idea what the reason might be?
    • Weird issue, who actually knows about the emailing lists? → Sophia (former EO)
    • Might be a problem with the size of the newsletter/the newsletter; problem could also be with the mailing list 
    • Will be dealt with after break 


  • Updates from the StuRa meeting:) – voting procedure
    • Possibly no one attended this week’s StuRa
    • 2 applications for the Ideelle Förderung → 9 in favor for both
      • Wir Fahren Zusammen 
      • Leo Club Freiburg (organize social events like marathons to collect money for children with cancer)
    • Campus Grün wants to publicly talk about the Gruppe ProLife Europa, are a Hochschulgruppe
      • A member of the StuRa saw the ProLife group spreading anti-abortion phrases in KG3 (with permission to use the space by the university, does not mean uni supports the group) and found that problematic, organization is based on fundamentalist christianity, want to limit rights of pregnant persons
      • StuRa is disappointed to see groups fighting bodily autonomy and spreading misinformation about abortion allowed to campaign on campus, they ask, with the interest of students at heart, to not let these groups establish themselves on campus as easily → ask for actual accreditation process to determine who is a “Hochschulgruppe” to make it a little harder for such groups to use university rooms (Heidelberg has a similar system), something in that direction WILL happen 
      • Voting on if the Campus Grün statement should be published by StuRa (see document: Pressemitteilung zum Thema Pro-Life ) → 8 in favor
    • Referat gegen Faschismus wants to issue a declaration of solidarity for the protest against the AfD Parteitag in Offenburg (police intervened, they were accused of concealing their faces) → 7 in favor, one abstention
Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):
  • BOS:
  • Mediators:
    • Secret Santa yay, someone should check on it on wednesday because Rahel isn’t here and that’s when all the gifts should be delivered 
    • website spam should be sorted out (it worked, whoo! Great job @Rahel (: )
      • Note to anyone who has access to the website: when you publish a new page, MAKE SURE THE COMMENTS/DISCUSSION IS TURNED OFF, the individual pictures can also be commented on apparently
  • Treasury: Lena has made it very clear once again that they’re not dealing with SVB anymore, Nina seems to have understood it but not Paul
    • Lena will step down as Treasurer at the next GA 
    • They would like to have a meeting before that on how to use SC money more sustainably (with the Student Body), maybe making a ICGT a secret GA might be a good way to get them to attend
      • The SC has never made a ton of money, but with the increase in events we need to figure out how to deal with funds → plan how to get more money to keep doing things 
      • Niko and Sony have a meeting with a former EO on the 19th, they might have new ideas about which events to hold, how to finance things
    • With the pots and SVB, while historically they have not been used to their fullest, but now since there are more projects they are actually depleted, so in the future we might have to be more careful with who we support with that money, should also be discussed at a GA
  • General comment: we need to increase engagement with the SC! 
  • WFestivity: we are going shopping today at 16h, feel free to join us and be our ingredients transporter! We meet at UCF.
  • Winter Formal needs to print and spread posters! 54 people have already reserved tickets yay!!! 
  • SVB things:
    • Alex will update SVB info stuff during the christmas break 
    • Niko had some questions 
    • There is a SVB meeting in January, about seeing what kind of projects the committees have, there is about 1000 euros unclaimed, it could be discussed who gets this 
    • Talk to Alex or Nina first because there’s a lot of misinformation on the SVB money 
    • How can we make SVB info/contact for Alex more available because no one actually looks at Illias 
    • We could make a QR code that leads to a page on the SC site where all emails are detailed 
    • SVB is a mess and decentralized, needs to be improved, communication with Nina has improved though

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • EOs need to talk about the next meeting with Staff and think through the Hiwi thing/contact StuRa? Thursdays after
  • There will be no SC meeting next week
  • We will come back to the points that have come up today 
  • Do exchange students get SC emails? Are they in the distributor? -> Reach out to the peer advisor group that has all the exchange students in it.