Minutes SC Meeting 23.11.2023

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: [Antonia, Jakob, Johanna, Lena, Niko, Rahel, Sony]

Officeholder updates:

  • No Website Updates yet, this is still in the works. Reorganizing the feed for documents, minutes, Emails, newsletter etc. Niko: possible problem that since the jumper website was taken down the code got messed up
  • Proposal: committees that want to send things through the email distributor can just do so (address the email to all cohorts) and EOs approve it (please tell us that you send an email!) or they send EOs a text that is specifically written for the newsletter so that EOs can just copy paste it (doing the newsletter otherwise takes ages due to other advertisements)
  • Niko: Offer that mediators can put events of committees etc on the website should be sent out to all cohorts again → EOs will do that (just copy it from the newsletter)
  • Problem with approval of e-mails (mediator ICGT email didn’t get sent to all cohorts) -> solved, there’s a limit (1MB) on how big the message size can be when sent to Cohort 10 or 9 (Rahel)!
  • Update: EOs will now have a monthly meeting with Staff (Thorsten, Paul, Stefan) → if any questions come up (Ilias, BOS,…); BOS also have separate meetings with Stefan; Niko: we’re not trying to elbow into your thing here; Jakob: Should we coordinate the meetings/have them together? Niko: For now, finding a date is too difficult, we’ll just keep each other updated
  • Proposal: Niko will ask for an update from StuRa meeting in their groupchat to update us on Thursday if no one else can attend.
Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):
  • Treasurer: not much SVB money left; deadline 30th November; Does the new treasurer email exist yet?; money was moved around within SVB categories -> gaming committee might access that but they also already have a budget
  • BOS: Update on what BOS wants to discuss further with Stefan: anonymous grading, syllabus(too little info about upcoming assignments etc.; uncertain how much workload will be necessary until a few days ahead; it would be cool if after a few weeks of a course one knows what the assignment will be about so one can estimate the workload; what kind of exam does one have to take in the end as info already before choosing a class) & grading on time
    Proposal: not just telling the teachers to do it but reinforcing it somehow (someone from the core checking whether certain essential info is on there and making sure that it isn’t changed on short notice)
    (there will be more info on this before their actual meeting)
  • Proposal by Lena: Possible Hiwi positions for SC because we invest so much time into it BUT difficulties Hiwi positions, SVB money can pay for that, we cannot do it this year as the plan for SVB already stands, Pauls proposal one person does all the administrative tasks; in general more support for SC (not just paying and organising everything), SC has to pay for the graduation (and donations) so why can’t we get funds for that, SC has to pay for the punch (wine, Feuerzangenbowle)(although the staff organizes it and they make all the decisions, we can pay for the alcohol but then we should also have a vote in it); if we hadn’t so much money from dissolving committees right we would really be struggling; making profit is very difficult, it would be nice if UCF could actually fund some events; more responsibility with money & it’s uncertain how much money SC has (because we know of more ways to get funding but we don’t actually have so much); we don’t want to ask students for donations
    → Lena will write up all her thoughts so EOs can pass it on to Staff at their meeting next week
  • Mediator update by Rahel:
    • potluck ICGT; Janina will buy cups, plates and Glühwein
    • All gifts are bought for passovers
    • Please upload pictures !drive didn’t work for Sony today!
    • Grieving space happened last week, setting it up and taking it down was very easy, Rahel unsure of how much it got used, they want to talk to other mediators about it, next event probably conversation event but that’s still in planning
  • Arts Liberated Update in Newsletter needs to be passed on (weird letter symbol means that they haven’t been sent through the distributor)

→ add EO gmail in the list of all cohorts so we get all info (done)

  • Repair Cafe Meeting on Friday
  • Jakob: application to get money from the Fachschaftsbudget (they need about 600€ for trip Hamburg)
  • Gaming Committee finances stuffs
  • Winter Formal Updates: hoping to meet next week, more requests (photo box with masks, winter wonderland theme,…), room is booked through UCF (no security and until 3am)

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up: