SC Meeting Minutes [16.11.2023]

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: [Niko, Sony, Johanna, Rahel, Janina, Alex, Antonia]

  • Maybe we wanna do a name/pronouns/cohort/major/fun fact round, since it’s the first sc meeting of the new semester? 

Officeholder updates:


  • Further discussion of the SC time. Thursdays are currently the best. 

-> Thursdays at 2pm, definitive time. Niko as StuRa representative and voting will be through a google form. 

  • Website: general layout of the website could be confusing. It’s nice to have the calendar first, but the home about committees and support is confusing. 

-> maybe another big project 

  • Proposal: to have a list with all the committees and the representatives, whether they are active, if they request for money, etc.


  • Seminar against antisemitism 

-> sc voted on it last week . We voted twice (it was repeated).

The poll had to be sent out again for the students Monday. 

  • Excursion: the importance of nature conservation in working forests

-> sc voted on this last week.

  • Autonomous seminars

-> sc voted on this last week

  • Proposal: to have a google form/docs/etc about SC and send it through the newsletter so more people can participate and include all of the student body (since everyone is allowed to vote).

Tuesday before 6pm is the limit to have the votes of StuRa

To send out a link to vote means to also have it in the website 

  • Results from last week: seminar against anti-semitism not clear

-> granted the theater and excursion group the money. Majority voted on the full amount 

First poll that could be sent out with the newsletter would be next week

Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):

  • Treasurer:
    • SVB hand-over happening next week 
    • The collective SC Treasury received a donation of 1119.61 from the now disbanded Jack 
    • We made around 200.00 in profit for the welcome week (alcohol)
    • There are still receipts from the welcome week that have not been claimed, reach out if you want your money 

-> SVB meeting happened recently and now it will officially be StuRa issues

-> Documents ( are being updated 

-> It will be completed on Monday 

-> Is it possible to have a new email address? The one right now is confusing

New email:

Deadline SVB 30th december 

-> in december we get the whole money again

-> SVB recent meeting about 2024 budget (there are a lot of projects for this year)

-> new projects need a personal account that later get refunded

-> if you have your money in pot 2, you can’t get the one on pot 3

  • Mediators: Safe Space update

-> after the last SC meeting, the poll was with many different answers. 

-> the idea is to have a series of events (distractions, conversations in group or private, etc)

-> the grieving space was the most requested one -> in the reading room from to 

-> Thorsten offered help about it

-> there will be a staff meeting this week and this topic might be brought up

-> conversation spaces (not discussions, maybe to bring someone from outside ucf)

-> information events (big question mark, staff needed, who could give a talk, how to inform, etc)

-> proposal: to have training in mediation (maybe a cooperation with a psychological group)

-> mediators don’t have to come up with ideas on information, etc. This is not mediator’s job

-> idea: to make this into a ucf/student council project. So it wouldn’t become too controversial for mediators 

-> not looking for volunteers right now, maybe to see how the grieving space goes. 

  • BoS: report of BoS meeting, respectful freetext responses in course evaluations

  • Outreach: handover meeting, new outreach is confused about a lot of things but also clear about a bunch of them. Idea: to bring back a committee of Outreach so the responsibility would not be on only 1 person.


From Sophia Wong: sorry, I cannot go to the SC meeting. But here are some updates on the committees. Can EOs please read out them for us and advertise them for us via SC channels?

  1. GAD: alive again! New project: lecture series; topic: expression 
  2. Crochet committee: active! Will be meeting on 17th 5/6p-m
  3. F2Go lecture next week: please advertise for us
  4. RR: Winter Festivity is happening on 20 Dec, in collaboration with staffs (i.e., UCF Punch)!  We RR committee will be meeting on 24 Nov 2023 at 1pm to discuss on its organization.  Join our meeting and plan the party out together!
  5. Upcoming LESC (don’t need an advertisement, just an update to LAS students):
    Quick update – we UCF LESC team had a meeting on Wednesday, and until now, we have already:

1. decided on the speakers we would like to invite

2. confirmed on the program, i.e., day schedule, the tracks

3. decided on the date, time and venues that we are in favor of

4. mapped out the aims of the sessions in the conference

If anyone is interested to join the team, feel free to shoot an email to us

-> conferences in the past 2016, 2019.

6. Repair committee is meeting next friday (2pm with the inter-cohort get together – probably co-creation room) 

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • New pictures for the Student Council Board in the Common Room Mediators will create Google drive folder (Johanna, Janina, Lola, Sony, Alex??) Pictures: mediators
  • tea and chocolate (Sophia, Deborah, Yavuz, Millie, Kimmy (a card), Caren (an invitation)). (also mediators)
  • SC website should be updated (example: gaming committee is not there)
  • Updating the Student Council Chart + getting pictures for the new office holders
  • Create a shared SC folder with sub-folders for each position (EOs when organizing their Drive)
  • To do: to specify svb matters in the charter 

-> To put into the Newsletter: volunteers wanted to get rid of the bottles in Narnia (pfund)

-> Important point: when is Thorsten’s birthday? He needs a present To do: stalk him 

-> Talk to Jakob about the BoS updates

-> To put into the Newsletter: if committees (or anyone) wants advertisement, they should email mediators 

-> Message to the future: Antonia likes tea with cinnamon 

  • Winter formal: 26th of January, in peterhofkeller (from 2pm to “3am”). There will be no people kicking us out. Clean up from 8 to 10am. 

If it burns down, Caro and Niko are responsible 

Caro booked the place.

Meeting coming soon (to be updated) 

Asking for ideas in the newsletter 

To put into the newsletter: Inter-cohort get together next friday (potluck, friends-giving)

-> if we don’t hear anything from the mediators until friday then we send it into the newsletter