Agenda SC Meeting [16/10/2023]

Welcoming everyone:


  • Student council office holders, Inter-cohort get together people

Intro to SC meetings

Officeholder updates:


  • Follow up: 

Charter amendment: handover sheets [5] *chaotic 

Niko and Sophia 




Handover sheets new deadline: BOS end of the week, others TBA (treasurer is done)

  • Decision making: 
  1. IT support sessions in the coming Nov? [5] 
  • For first years, most questions are resolved 
  1. SC money: use up? How? Proposals? [15]

Treasury: Arts liberated money & getting rid of SVB responsibilities -> SUA

Treasurer monologue: tasks are strange, she has the money sitting in her house. 

You can’t put money in other people’s account -> not legal

Last treasurer had another account. So, the treasurer doesn’t want the money. 

(SC money and Arts Liberated money) 

For internationals it is more complicated. 

Treasurer has too many responsibilities and the tasks should be separated, no control of sbv money, too much cash. 

Treasurer is angry.

Confusion on the money assigned to the committees. Most information is not official.

Possible solutions: StuRa could have more responsibility, Treasurer takes SC and possibly committees’ money, to have a new deputy treasurer in case the current treasurer leaves or in case of emergency. 

  1. GA (General Assembly) [15]

(preferably to have the election result before Nov 6, next Friday 27 Oct?)

Date: Next Friday – Oct 27 

Time: 2.00pm 

Venue: TBA

Slides: For office holders to upload

  1. Handover, archive and publicizing documents (Rahel) [10]

Relate: Int Rep: can i put the lifehacks for int students link somewhere on the students council website? ucf website cant have info abt private entities on it

Problem: information is not available (or easily accessible). But Ilias is what students normally use the most, so there could be a link on the website to Ilias. 

Possible solution: all office holders upload information to Ilias – important documents, information about SC offices, and others. 

  1. Winter Formal? [10]

Volunteers to organise? When? (14 Dec?) Paulusaal? 

December 14th is too soon. Also, there are also too many Christmas events during that time -> no rooms available. Also, mid-term exams. 

Possible dates ([date] [vote]): 

19th january 15

26th january 11

2nd feb 9

9th feb, 6

16th feb 11

Pro tip: just use Thorsten’s name for everything

Sell tickets because we need funds (not to make profit, but…….). We don’t have enough money to do more than one event this semester. 

  1. Statement regarding genocides related to current Israeli–Palestinian colonization/genocide/occupation (? [15]

(Sophia: I am sorry. I have no idea how to properly describe the current incident(s))


  • A statement could be getting a bit ahead, we are not in a position to comment. (telegram group
  • A statement is needed, we are not the only SC to struggle. To put this point out there. 
  • There is already a statement from the university (not StuRa)
  • Maybe there could be a moderate discussion space. Talk to StuRa people, and then ask StuRa to have the statement. 
  • It would be very efficient to have a written form after that. Words are not as effective. To write a statement is easier than having a conversation and acting. 
  • We need to see who we are addressing, because there would be different messages (if it’s Palestinian students, etc). UCF groups might be unproductive.
  • The German government could be the body that we are addressing. There are currently many manifestations around the world in support
  • Student council is usually not the place for these discussions, StuRa could be better. 
  • Statements should not be made before an agreement among LAS students. 
  • Important point to bring. Not very sure if we could get to a consensus among students. As Ucf we might not have enough power to talk to the university (we are a very small faculty), and we are also in Germany. A discussion panel would not be very appropriate, nor a statement. It is a topic that is very personal to many.
  • It is important to allow a safe space for people to express themselves and their feelings about the situation. To provide a room, which could be up to the students. 
  • The issue in this country has been addressed strangely. We don’t have any power to release a statement, but this is the realm of students-statements. This is a genocide, and we cannot forget that. 
  • As it is in Germany, this could also be dangerous. 
  • To have a space room shouldn’t be.
  • It is based on their own discretion if they want to join. 
  • Maybe we can provide a space for grieving. For people that are involved, that might have lost people. To provide a safe space. We are a community, and if the German government is not providing that, it shouldn’t stop us from helping our own members. 

Organization: To have a telegram group to organize the details (for people who would be interested in organizing a safe space) . We will send a message through the SC email and telegram all-cohorts group. 

StuRa: [20 mins?]

  • Voting for positions within the StuRa (unanimous for new ppl)
  • Voting for financial applications 
  • Lecture from a guest
  • 1100 for the Critical welcome days (all in favor)
  • 2000 (out of 8000)for discussing classism – they already spent the money for printing, etc, etc. Going to be put up in the UB (most people in favor)
  • Contract with the ALU: Cooperation with the Uni for the upcoming elections? 
  • The contract is for 4 years.
  •  (9 in favor, 2 abstain as a person)
  • Paid handover of the stura executives (400 euro)
  • A lot of work for the old ones. Thinking about paying them 400 euros for the work. 

(7 in favor, 3 abstain as a person)

Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):

  • Outreach: [5]

UCF Jumpers update? 

merch! Yes! It is alive! 

There is already a Paypal account. Ordering process through website. 

Merch could be here by Christmas. 

  • Mediators: [10]
  1. Photo of the remaining firstie(s) —- printed? To be done
  2. ICGT materials expenses reimbursement pls. .done
  • BoS – Input for the next BoS Meeting? [10]
  • Next BoS meeting is coming up. 
  • Potential change of when the evaluation is done
  • Evaluation should close before the last session of the course. 
  • Illegal to have it before the exam
  • What is being proposed is to have the evaluation among other information. To become a qualitative report
  • It is supposed to be presented in the BoS
  • Agreement between the Philosophy faculty and UCF – professors from the Philosophy faculty are going to come to UCF. Course registration will be the same. 


  • Committee updates? [5]

F2Go: lecture series and meeting on Monday 6pm regularly

Emergency contact cards

  • Model UN/ImMUNity: Weekly debate Wednesday 20:00, MUN conferences in Karlsruhe and Hamburg [10]
  • Crochet committee

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • Next meeting? [5]