SC Meeting Minutes [23.06.2023]

Welcoming everyone:

Niko Christen, Rahel Szirtes, Antonia Rubilar, Sophia Wong, Deborah Krzyzowski, Milena Schwotzer, Jakob Kolberg, Caren Sausmikat

Officeholder updates:


Finances end of semester party
purchase snacks – StuRa; last time winter formal spent around 100 Euro, where around 60 were decorations and the others are drinks. Forecast: end of semester party will mainly spend on drinks
Meeting for End of Semester Party/Welcome week right after


Time Estimate: 10 minutes

  • 3 applications to vote on, 1 announcement
    1 general application: official verification of the StuRa financial year 2022/23 by the university.
    In favor is suggested
    8 in favor

1 office application: Meret Mingers (law) for deputy chair of the committee against fascism
No concerns raised during the meeting
8 in favor

1 financial application: Justitia Mentoring Anniversary (promotions programme for women and queer people studying law) applying for 937,80€ for 6 speakers. Group support budget currently holds 425,20€of an original 7500€ for quartal 1 (which runs until the end of June)
For anniversary event
By next sat they will have fresh pool again
Advise that we give them the remaining
8 in favor

  • General Assembly June 29th, 6pm, Paulussaal; find the agenda here!(Pls include it in the newsletter one more time.)
    Quorum of about 240 students needed

Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):

Outreach – NL: jumper finding helper

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  1. End of semester party:
    will have drinks
    a photobooth
    an open stage (to perform, play, etc
    dj: ask las people (example, Daniel Rhein, Anastasia Kim, Ronnie Hamada)
    ask until what time we have the place: we are not paying for security so until 10pm
  • going to ask Caro
  • to ask: if we have to clean up

schedule the events/activities

  • share with people to fill up the space
  • create a google form (put boxes, similar to excel sheet), put what they what to perform, when, and another page would be on the helpers for the evening

2. Lena: get the receipts from the gifts