SC Meeting Minutes [09.06.2023]

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: [Niko Christen, Yavuz Uelker, Rahel Szirtes, Antonia Rubilar, Sophia Wong, Nicole Ahn, Deborah Krzyzowski, Milena Schwotzer, Jakob Kolberg, Lena Diakite, Caren Sausmikat]

Officeholder updates:

  • Introduction to SC meeting
    • Aim: To provide information or act as a receptacle for info, going in sequence, moderation, online meetings or joining online is possible
    • How to advertise SC meeting: place a poster on the board to generate interest
    • Minutes: The minutes taker can ask for the assembly to pause momentarily, they are also responsible for redacting info from the minutes (public copy is the redacted version)
    • Lena: Create an internal schedule that is a somewhat more accessible, centralized schedule with clarity of responsible personnel.
    • Deborah: How long do the SC meetings need to be; do we actually have the responsibility to change things ex. About the common room.
    • Niko: to create a padlet available to all the student council members
  • Gift for former office holders (who can/ want to be responsible? budget?)
    • Lena: less than 88 Euros; always physical receipts; has discretion if the cost is more than the pre-approved budget
    • 6 officers are being gifted parting-gifts
    • Open proceeding; no more 50 Euros (10 yay, 1 abstention); Chocolate (unanimous) and Tea (unanimous) – we purchase six of these each; eco, fair-trade, vegan (unanimous)
    • Gifts should be given out by the 23rd at the Student Council meeting (Jakob)
  • StuRa GA – June 29th, 6pm, Paulussaal
  • Print picture: New pictures for everyone, the old pictures go back on the wall. Jakob will handle this when he goes to buy chocolate and tea, all the pictures will be in the drive (by the 16th).
  • Who would like a picture on the Website: Yavuz, Nicole, Rahel, Antonia, Niko, Sophia, and Lena. (upload pictures to the drive)
  • Brief overview of the situation with Narnia (Clarification)
    • Email from Carla: cleanup did not happen on the 9th of June. 
    • Narnia is currently a mess – personal belongings, Pfandkasten, and other detritus.
    • Carla makes an inventory of Narnia; or with help of others to make it clear what is there.
  • Open day June 23rd – Rahel and Niko will also help out. 
  • Contact previous graduation committee members to search for the coffee machine
  • Coffee Machine in the Common Room
    • Barista catering service
    • Purchase a new coffee machine; it could later be used for the common room
    • Should we get rid of the coffee machine because of the issue of mold (Sophia)
      • Making someone responsible for the coffee machine
      • We should rather address the problem with a volunteer (Niko and Nicole); but this might not be the best solution (Lena)
      • We should create a culture of use (Rahel)
      • We should have a cleaning day/schedule (Yavuz)
      • This is not a big issue, but we should decide which direction we want to go in (Jakob and Anto)
      • No hygienic requirements, this is a constructed issue. The common room is not in a particularly hygienic state (Deborah)
      • This should be a decision made by the entire student body, if possible. (Lena)
      • Do pillows, blankets, etc get cleaned? (Anto) This is something that can be addressed. (Yavuz)
    • Who is in charge of cleaning the common room? (Anto) The Hausmeister is in charge of it (Sophia)

Dear EOs,

Here is the invitation for the “Meet LAS students” session:

Thema: Meet LAS Students

Uhrzeit: 30.Juni 2023 13:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Zoom-Meeting beitreten

Meeting-ID: 673 7950 6963

Kenncode: yNLfKi2qA

I suggest we meet about 20 minutes before, then I will make you all hosts and you can set up breakout rooms if you want to.



  • End of semester party 21st of July (who does what and budget via StuRa? Helpers signup sheet in the corridor? Usually, we invite someone to give a speech, previous years, it was Joachim Gehrke.  We can also do some DJ again, we can find LAS student to take care of – Jam session grp – on Whatsapp (code in on the board in CR/ DJ: Anastasia Kim, Ronnie Hamada – they should both be on Telegram)
    • Possible helpers: Rahel, Johanna, Niko, Anto, Nicole, Milena, Jakob and possibly Caren
    • Get money from the LAS StuRa Fachbereichsbudget (Niko and Rahel by the 23rd)
    • Signup sheet on the SC bulletin
    • Who do we ask to come; after the budget has been decided
    • We have to announce the end of semester party earlier as people are planning their train tickets already

An email from StuRa:

Hello dear people,

Here is a small addendum to the last meeting:

Surprisingly, the AStA from Paderborn has now reported. We are now in contact with you regarding the campus festival of Rheinevents.

Of course, we will keep you up to date on what they have to say about the festival.

Kind regards and a long rying wishes


  • 4 financial applications of group support budget (2442€ of 7500€ until June 30th): 842 Euros would remain – this is reasonable (Caren)
  • 100€ (Film rights) AK fem theories movie screening: “Bodies We Take To The Streets” (1 Abstention, 10 yay)
  • 150€ (travel costs, etc.) AK fem theories and Queer Squad movie screening: “Hooligan Sparrow“ (1 Abstention, 10 yay)
  • 1150€ UB exhibition: “a figurative feminist revolution in Iran” (Unanimous)
  • 200€ independent orga group: “Hochschultage für Nachhaltigkeit 2023” (university sustainability days, 12.06-16.06) 2023 (Unanimous)
  • 1 financial application of furniture budget (14.150,02€ of 15.000,00€ until 31.03.2024):
  • 5000€ for raised flowerbeds and flowers in AStA courtyard; this is a lot of money, hence they ask the StuRa. They will vote on the sum once again. The entire budget is rarely used, so they would like to actually use the money they are provided with. (4 Abstentions, 7 yay)
  • 3 applications:
  • Having the AStA board continue talking to Rheinevents on a possible campus festival: music acts, etc. Caren: It does no harm, but it puts pressure on AStA (7 Yay, 2 Nay, 1 Personal-Abstention)
  • Increasing the legal fee-budget to 15000€ in the 2023/24 StuRa economic plan; this came up two weeks ago, why is this sum so much larger (Lena). This is a lawsuit against an institution rather than an individual (Caren). If the lawsuit is dropped then the money will become available for other budgets again (Caren). (4 Yay, 3 Nay, 2 Personal-Abstentions)
  • Establishing an anti-racism committee
    • Counter application for renaming the anti-discrimination committee to anti-racism committee; Racism ought to be addressed, there were a few instances where issues arose. They ought to have their own committee. (Caren) (9 for the Anti-racism committee, 0 renaming anti-discrimination, 2 personal-abstentions)
  • Inter-cohort get together funded by the StuRa? (Nicole) This is better done from the LAS StuRa budget. (Caren)
  • June 29th, 6pm, Paulussaal: StuRa General Assembly. All students are eligible to vote and highly encouraged to participate to meet the quorum (1% of all students, which is about 240). Great opportunity to get a general idea of what’s going on in StuRa and to vote on some important issues. Treat it as a fun little excursion and take all our (matriculated) friends! GA happening in German. Bring snacks!!
  • July 5th, 9am, hybrid SVB 2023 reallocation & SVB 2024 allocation
    • Nina discussing with Caren and and and… Not everyone appears to be CCed, it is dealt with, all info has been forwarded. Send StuRa an email detailing how much money you and your initiative needs/wants.
  • Massive shout out to (non-bearded) Alex for assembling the new generation of StuRa delegates!
Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):
  • Mediators: No Update
  • BOS: No Update
  • Outreach: No Update
  • Treasurer: No Update


  • No Updates

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:
  • How long do the SC meetings need to go…? (Deborah)
    • Extensive discussions on minutiae is the problem (Deborah)
    • Ex. Throwing away the coffee machine stuffs (Deborah)
    • We could be planning bigger issues and committees and events (Deborah)
    • Create a space for the debate: then actually carry out those debates and discussions (Deborah)
    • We try to keep things to 1 hour or 1 half-hour, they used to be 2 hours long. (Sophia)
    • The issue of minutiae is a matter for the SC, it should be addressed by us – the SC can make ‘final’ decisions about such things. (Sophia)
    • We could be doing other stuff without time, it could be more directed. (Deborah)
    • The points on the Agenda are the guidelines for the running of the meeting – the longer the list the longer it goes. It is everyone’s responsibility to try and keep things brief. (Sophia)
    • 1) Information vs. Discussion topic: if a bit of information becomes a point of discussion we should decide to take time to discuss – rather than just dive in willy-nilly. 2) Allocate durations for each discussion and ‘updates’. (Caren) (Sophia concurs)
    • A system of prioritization – things could be discussed on another date, etc. (Rahel)
    • These sorts of discussion, the kind of random ones that come up during discussions – the only reasonable solution to the lack of participation and the issue of not making ‘strong decisions’. Information, Voting, Discussion points. (Lena)
    • Dividing responsibility among EOs for running the meetings. (Yavuz)
    • We are the SC and discussing random miniscule details is normal. The agenda could be organized by importance. (Jakob)
    • Voting, Info, Discussion points, a better order if people are need to go. (Sophia)
    • Reordering the Agenda would require that we not order things by structure, but by priority – the person who can talk about it. When do they have to go? (Niko)