Minutes SC Meeting [19.05.2023]

Welcoming everyone:

Attendants: Quill (minutes), Sophia (moderation), Nicole, Caren (online), Niko, Rahel, Hanna, Irem

Officeholder updates:

  • GA
    • Reminder to update slides, especially re: board members!
  • Charter amendments
    • Currently preparing to start! To be announced in GA
    • Charter amendments (§9aiv: native german speaking quota? Instead of nationality)
  • The photo on UCF webpage issue
    • People were surprised by being on the UCF webpage
    • Caro said people can revoke consent at any time! And she was under the impression people had consented
    • But: people who had brought it up are not present in meeting today anyway
  • Website: Guide and every board one account? Or board = 1 account and committees = 1 account?
    • Backup-account might not be bad idea -> we have that already
    • Will it be an issue if too many devices are linked to the same account?
    • Suggestion for committees: one account for all committees. Upon request new committees get the password. Honor system, if must be EOs can always change the password as admins
  • KG IV Bib (our position?)
    • Motion by StuRa to have KG4 library open on Saturdays during exam phases, estimated cost 5000€/year. Support from pooled SVB funds?
    • Complicated: we can support financially, but it’s not our responsibility, it should be the uni that finds money. Tentatively: reply with support, but emphasize that we can only say for sure in July after SVB meeting
  • 4 applications to vote on:
  • Travel cost reimbursement for driving to the LAK: 74€ from the travel cost budget (5000€ of 5000€ until 31.03.24)
    • 4 in favor of full amount
  • Jobticket for employees of the university student council (VS): 2750€ from the human resources budget (special budget not usually available)
    • 3 in favor of full amount
  • Cleaning fee of the AStA courtyard: 749,98€ from the furniture budget (14900€ of 15000€ until 31.03.24)
    • 4 in favor of full amount
  • Voting out the representative of students with family obligations
    • Person went MIA for a while and has actually hindered decision-making processes, is now unable to carry out office but didn’t reply to offer of resignation
    • 4 in favor of voting out
  • Looking for new delegates!
    • Niko potentially interested! + EO-Alex to become secretary of university affairs! Quill and Sophia as back-up. The more people we are the easier it gets
Boards (Mediators, BOS, Outreach, Treasurer):
  • Mediators: no update
  • Treasurer: no update
  • BOS?
  • Outreach?
  • Intensity: 99.99€ for financing summer camping; +100€ FBB for same purpose
    • Majority in favor!

Miscellaneous/Wrapping up:

  • N/A