LAS in a Nutshell

Some literary impressions from the heart of the LAS writing factory!

Welcome Speech to Cohort 10 (Opening Celebration 2021)

Dear staff, dear fellow students, but especially dear new LASers.

Prepare yourselves, we (hopefully) have a long night ahead of us. Although we sincerely hope you can all agree to the motto “one needs no reason to celebrate”, this Wednesday truly feels exceptional: we feel that today’s an event that calls – no, demands – for proper celebration. Not only will the University College Freiburg turn ten, but also many excited-looking, brightly-faced, fresh LASers are sitting in front of us right here in person – wow.

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Welcome to Cohort 8 (Speech at the Opening Celebration 2019)

Dear members of staff, dear fellow LASers and especially dear cohort 8, 


What a week it has been. On Monday you arrived at UCF, probably feeling anxious, nervous but most of all excited to start this journey. We were in your shoes just one year ago, asking ourselves questions like “Will I feel at home in Freiburg soon?”, “So many new people, will I make good friends?”, “Will I one day find affordable housing in Freiburg?” The answer to the first two questions is “Yes, probably”, the answer to the last one is “Well…only if you’re lucky.”

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Welcome to Cohort 7 (Speech at the Opening Celebration 2018)
Dear members of  staff, dear fellow LASsies, and particularly dear cohort 7,Welcome. (dramatic pause)We are here to give you a speech. So we’ve been asking ourselves the past few days: “What shall we actually talk about?” And you know, it wasn’t easy at all. Of course, we had no clue who we’ll be addressing tonight. Such a large group of very, veeery unique people. Most of you, the new generation of LAS students, are still a mystery to us. That’s the thing with LAS – each cohort is a very special blend of people, cultures and beliefs. Each cohort has its own energy, dynamics, some would say vibe.

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Speech at the Graduation Ceremony 2017 

Dear students, dear members of the staff, dear families and friends; dear graduates!

Wow! You are here! You did it. Today, you officially graduate from the Liberal Arts and Sciences Programme in Freiburg. For that, we would like to congratulate you in the name of all LAS students!

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Welcome Speech to our 6th Cohort

Dear members of the staff, dear second, third and fourth years; dear cohort 6, we are here to welcome you in the name of all LAS students!

A year ago, we were sitting where you are sitting now, excited to be part of this program and yet, nervous and unsure what would be lying in our future.

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Speech at the Graduation Ceremony 2016

Dear friends and members of the University of Freiburg, dear current and former staff of the University College Freiburg, dear families and most importantly, dear graduates,

On behalf of the studentscouncil, I would like to congratulate you on your bachelor degrees. You did it. You did, what we still have to accomplish.

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Welcome Speech to our 5th Cohort

So, last night, we were sitting down together, we had a couple of bailey’s (maybe a few more), and we thought.. right.. let’s write that speech now. Our aim was to inspire each and everyone in this room and to motivate you for the journey that is yet ahead of you. But procrastination is every student’s biggest foe.

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Welcome Speech to our 4th Cohort

You woke up one morning in your cupboard under the stairs, haunted by nightmares of lecture halls filled with Dudleys – big ideas in your head and magic in your heart. It was probably not your 11th but your 20th birthday when an owl suddenly dropped that one letter on your doormat, inviting you to join the greatest School of Liberal Witchcraft and Wizardry Germany had ever seen.

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A poem by Paul J. Grünsch

One year of Liberal Arts rewind’
A program innovatively designed
Combining studies of several kind
Intended to create a habit of mind

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Farewell Speech to our former Director of Education, Nicholas Eschenbruch

Today we have come together to say goodbye to our captain. It’s been four years since he was endowed with the honorable task of leading a difficult mission. The plans of a pioneering spaceship had to be designed, the construction supervised.

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Welcome Speech to our 3rd Cohort

One year ago, we stood where you stand now. Eager, Excited, and more or less ready to board LAS – this ship sailing into the open sea.

In the beginning, we were overwhelmed by the vast ocean of possibilities that lay ahead of us. We traded the firm ground for the swaying of the deck beneath our feet.

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Welcome Speech to our 2nd Cohort

Dear Professor Dr. Gherke, Professor Dr. Zimmermann, Professor Dr. Freitag,
Dear Dr. Eschenbruch, dear teaching staff, dear second cohort of LAS students, we proudly
welcome you to our prestigious castle of knowledge.

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