Reading Room Committee

“Anyone who thinks this world is without magic, hasn’t been to a reading
room.” – Michael Embry

The Reading Room is “the room behind the door”. It is an official meeting room for all important conferences on UCF matters; yet, it is also the LAS-Students’ privilege to use it as study and reading room. In the huge bookshelves you can find a great variety of books e.g. on literature, social sciences, and natural sciences as well as cooking books and language work books. The Reading Room Committee coordinates book offerings and aims to create not only a cosy study and reading atmosphere but moreover a place of magic, offering books which could not be found in other university libraries! As books cannot be borrowed, we own a scanner, so you may scan as many pages as you wish and save them on an USB-flash drive! Each semester, all students have the opportunity to propose one book each, in order to enrich the book collection. With regard to future generations, only a limited number of the proposed books will be chosen and ordered by the Reading Room Committee. Note, that it is attempted to offer books which cannot be found in common libraries, so classics for example will rather not be ordered.

How to get in? Due to the Reading Room’s double function as study place for students and meeting place for conferences, the opening hours are not stable. In front of the Reading Room there is a schedule with the meetings that take place in the current week. The policy is the following: In general, the key to the Reading Room has to be picked up in the Common Room. Behind the door you will find a small safe with the key in it. If no staff meetings are announced, we may use the room until the building closes (10:00 pm).

If you are the last person in the room you lock up the door and then return the key to the safe. In case of urgent staff meetings, students are asked kindly to leave the room; yet, after such meetings the room may be used again for studying.

Here you find a list of the Books of the Reading Room.