Major Interest Groups

Dear all,

In the meeting yesterday we discussed some ways to improve the organization of the major interest groups. Now, we won’t force anyone to do anything, but we did all agree that some more organization could help us to inspire one another, pass on good ideas, and, if really wanted, organize projects.

Thus, the next step is simply to have a regular monthly meeting for each major, where you can get together with people of common academic interest, simply to talk about matters that your are currently engaged in, ideas you might have, or questions that come up, be they academic or organizational.

Furthermore, if you are on Facebook, you can join the interest group group 🙂

If you’re still unsure, what a major interest group actually is, check out the text provided in the menu, when you click on ‘interest group’! All majors are also encouraged to put up a brief introduction and meeting times, but for now, please refer to the Facebook group or to the people directly, whose contact is also provided under ‘interest group’.

Major Interest Groups

Dear Liberal Artsies,

Choosing a Major is easier for some and tougher for others. In order to fully stay informed and to explore your preferred Major to a deeper extent we have established Major Interest Groups which meet on a regular basis and organise events such as talks, discussions, and generally act as platform for exchanging opinions about the different Majors. Since These Major Interest Groups have been more or less active since many of the 3rd years left we hereby warmly invite you for a meeting of all the Major Interest Groups on
TUESDAY // 25th of November // 7.30pm // Common Room
We encourage you all to come, yet in case you cannot, here are the E-Mail addresses of the People responsible for the different Groups:
Live Sciences – Marius                          

Culture & History – Theresa Fachinger  

Governance – Ruth Billen and Teresa W.

Earth & Environmental Sciences –  Chris

See you there!


Dear folks,

The Minutes of today’s studentscouncil meeting can be accessed via Intranet –> Minutes.

Next week, we have two important upcoming events;

Tuesday // 25th // 7:30pm // Interest Group Revival

–> you’d like to enjoy more lectures, projects, exhibitions, activities about your major?

–> do it yourself 😉 come to the meeting, talk, discuss, inspire, and plan interest group projects for the upcoming semester!

Friday // 28th // 2pm // StudentsCouncil Meeting

–> you’re interested in the UCF Erasmus exchange opportunities?

–> then join the discussion and decide yourself about the criteria for application!

–> let’s think about whether, how much and how such things as grade, CV, motivation letter, engagement should be weighed!


See you there 🙂

Studentscouncil Meeting

Tomorrow // 2 pm // Common Room

the next students council meeting is coming up.

we will…

  • discuss the assessment for ‘engagement’, making up 30% of our ‘grade’ for the UCF exchange programs (i.e. whether we trust in subjective judgment or what our specific criteria are that we want them to apply (how many hours? how to ‘prove’? difference in quality of engagement?))
  • discuss the ‘oxford placement test’, whether it is adequate to portray students’ english proficiency and whether (and with which arguments) we want to protest against this mechanism, forcing some of our fellow students to take english classes which they might not need
  • creatively come up with questions / inspiring structures for the Interest Group Revival (posters are already in the Common Room)
  • … any more suggestions? send us a mail:



studentscouncil meeting TODAY

for the detailed Minutes of today’s meeting, check out

INTRANET –> (you have the password) –> Minutes –> Minutes Students Council 14.05.14

Here’s a brief overview of today’s meeting;


Interest Group Revival // 25th Novermber // 7:30pm → more information will follow 🙂

3rd cohort photos to come!

More contributions to the Website welcome! (e.g. an abroadies blog space? committee platform?!

and lots of fun hanging out 🙂


See you at the next one!

… and 2 weeks

And 2 weeks ago, the third cohort of students was welcomed to the UCF in their Opening Celebration.

If you’re interested, we also have attached the students’ speech of this year, starting perhaps a tradition of great LAS metaphors. A castle, a ship, a spaceship perhaps?



L: One year ago, we stood where you stand now. Eager, Excited, and more or less ready to board LAS – this ship sailing into the open sea.

In the beginning, we were overwhelmed by the vast ocean of possibilities that lay ahead of us. We traded the firm ground for the swaying of the deck beneath our feet.

We knew that a ship is safest in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for. So we left for somewhere yet unknown. There were no riverbanks to guide us, and no borders we could hold on to, except perhaps for the horizon. And even this silver lining vanished as soon as we approached it. You need only climb the mast to see it change and broaden. It seemed that there was no land in sight.

M: The only hope we had were the shining stars above. We could believe in them. These ever-fixed marks of unknown origin gave us comfort, but they did not yet help us find our way.

Over the course of time, however, the ship’s officers supplied us with  instruments, and we learned to not only admire the stars, but to navigate with their help. The officers taught us methods so we could trust not only in the stars, but in ourselves.

L: As you are now, we were warmly welcomed by the first generation of sailors which had already been traveling on board for a year. When we arrived, they had refilled the supplies, prepared our cabins and scrubbed the decks.

Confronted with the duties, difficulties and pleasures of a voyager’s life, all of us soon formed a lively crew and more than one soulmate was found in the middle of the ocean. At least 6 romances were observed on board. We got entangled in the liberties of the lawless territory, and we developed sharp tools to make meaning from disorder.

M: Assignments and tests were only some of the pirates who tried to steel our free time, but we had cannons on board, and we fired words and arguments at them until they could persist no longer.

From time to time, experienced captains, mighty adventurers and well-travelled cartographers joined us on our journey and gave us advice and direction. They provided recommendations, lectures and speeches on our decks, and set the fire of aspiration in our hearts.

L: Close trading links were established too with the old seafaring nation of the Netherlands. Well-equipped ships from Maastricht supported us on our voyage, and we visited them in their home port.

Our ship carried many of the older sailors towards foreign harbors. They will stay there for a year to retrieve yet unknown treasures of knowledge. LAS outposts are being established all over the world.

We do not only want to spread across the world, but every courageous sailor from any part of the world is welcome upon our deck!

M: Now you arrived, and once again, the ship has been polished, expanded and refurbished. We added a third sail to carry all of us along, and you will be the ones to set it.

Together, we will witness stormy days, and drunken nights on our ship. Sometimes the wind will carry you, and sometimes you will need to pick up the row yourself. But be assured: you can always count on the rest of the crew beside you.

L: One of the hardest challenges to come will be that of orientation. With nothing but water around you, you will often not know where to go. You will have many opportunities to choose new courses and it will not be an easy choice, for each course withholds its own benefits and difficulties. Some intellectual streams will carry you along and others you will observe only in the passing.


M: While we all make our own choices and experiences, we are all part of this expedition. Every crew member shapes this ship. So take this opportunity; set colourful sails! carve your notes into the railing! Whenever you encounter a leak, fix it with your knowledge. Leave your mark. Take over the steering wheel and be part of our crew!


Welcome on board, LAS students 2014!


2 years…

We hope you enjoyed your first weeks full of seriousness, and the second weekend full of fun!

2 weeks after the opening celebration for our new cohort, 2 years after the initiation of the LAS program, we have a little surprise for you.

In the following, you will find the speech, that our previous EOs, Gregor and Marie, held at the opening celebration one year ago. May it inspire you as it inspired us!



Dear Professor Dr. Gherke, Professor Dr. Zimmermann, Professor Dr. Freitag,
Dear Dr. Eschenbruch, dear teaching staff, dear second cohort of LAS students, we proudly welcome you to our prestigious castle of knowledge.

The walls of our little castle tell the stories of our first year.
We believe, these walls provide enough room for you to join us.

Not only next year, but even long after we are gone, our castle will undergo many renovations and extensions in order to fully shine.

First, let the walls tell you some of last year’s stories:

Not long ago, the field on which our castle was built was nothing but a vast forest. Thanks to a few men and women, courageous and wise indeed, the first stones were set. When we arrived, the basement was prepared and steadily the walls grew up into the sky. Just as you now, 76 of us were warmly welcomed between these vaults, too. From the first day on, the lords and ladies placed their trust in us. They provided us with the necessary tools to design the castle according to our imagination and whenever problems occurred the lords and ladies of the castle supported us with help and advice. Soon, the 76 of us started to organise themselves. Within six blocks and 12 Assemblies, we found friends and said goodbye to some. In our romantic gardens 7 moonlight romances were counted. We spent 5 nights in the lands of Berlin, 15 nights in the library chambers and 150 nights celebrating on the streets. Instead of drugs, we were dealing with numerical information. And when we heard that a trail of ambitious learners will be crossing our valley, we decorated the castle as flabbergasting as we could.

Some have been inspired to audition in order to live with us. And now, you are here. And
we believe our castle to be ready to incorporate your ideas. Some may call you peasants, padawans, little picklepricks that steal my presents – but don’t let them fool you. You are fully equal disciples of the Castellum Artes Liberales. And do not be afraid to ask the first cohort of inhabitants to show you around. Mind, however, that we can only accompany you through the next nine months, until we leave for foreign realms and hand the castle over to you. Maybe you cannot feel the warmth of our chambers yet, maybe you are afraid of what lies in the dark, but be reminded that you carry the torch in your hands already.

This torch will light you the way to many unknowns. We hope they’ll uncover surprising and innovative new rooms. Some walls will move, some will materialise, and others, already crumbling, you will find needy for renovation or a full teardown. Whenever you find a wall blank, make sure to paint on it in all the diverse colours you can imagine. There is no way you could mess up. So, never be afraid of the walls and take delight in experimenting with their eternal appearance. One of these eternal appearances seems, that the castle gives only entrance to those disciples that have proven their stand. However, for the ages to come we imagine the castle’s gates unmanned, so that every man, keen to discover the castles possibilities with us, is allowed to prove himself.

As we told you, the walls of our little castle do indeed tell you the stories of our first year. We believe these walls provide enough room for you to join us.

Not only next year, but even long after we are gone, our castle will undergo many renovations and extensions in order to fully shine.

Every day of each and everyone in the castle is building a fireplace chamber which holds the walls‘ stories. In the future, we will all be able to gather in this chamber and tell the tales of the good old times.

With cordial thanks for you lending us your ear.

Reading Room Committee Restructuring

As everything changes and develops, so our beloved Reading Room Committee evolves!

To find out more, check out their description; Committees –> Reading Room

If you are in a committee which is not yet represented here, please send us a an introductory / explanatory text via mail ( We would be more than happy to include it on the website to have an overview of all committees =)

First StudentsCouncil Meeting

Whoever has missed out on the studentscouncil meeting yesterday night, but is still interested to find out about current issues and ideas being discussed:

Check out the INTRANET –> Minutes –> students council meeting 28.10. (you have the password!)