Eager to be the next Lotte?

Run for Executive Organizer!


Having organized the UC Freiburg students for the past academic year, Charlotte will hand over her position to the next motivated student!


Charlotte, why would you recommend this post to anyone?

You collect all the information from the other students’ offices and have your own separate meetings with Nicholas so since knowledge is power… Just kidding. It’s nice to be involved. Not only consume the study program, but shape it.


Do you have a fair warning for anybody doing the job?

It’ll be work, especially if you have motivation to actually do something. It’ll be the weight of responsibility, which can be inspiring but also pressuring sometimes. But it’ll be worth it and you sure will learn quite a bit.


What have you learned, in particular?

To deal with WordPress in managing this site, for example. Or how to conduct a fake interview with yourself.


What was your best moment as EO?

Sitting in a conference with the Advisory Council of the UCF, basically a bunch of really important people, discussing our program, its difficulties and how to make it better. And actually being able to contribute a sentence.


What do you do to distract yourself from University stress?

When it’s bad, eat chocolate and watch stupid stuff on the internet. When it’s really bad, I bake cakes. Even at 2 o’clock in the morning. Makes me feel like I’m doing something, even though it utterly fails to reduce the to-do-list. And it’s delicious. Well, sometimes.


What is your recommendation when in Freiburg?

Eat lots of IceCream, and go hiking.


Where do we encounter you in 10 years? Any profession in mind?

Who made up such stupid questions anyway?


Justified critique. Ok, so last but not least; what is your favorite mathematical symbol?

I used to be very fascinated with π. Isn’t it incredible that such a weird number, infinite and ultimately indefinable, should describe the most perfect and in many ways most basic form of our universe? Also, my math teacher during my exchange year in the US brought us a pie on the 13th of April (get it?) so yeah, that really convinced me.


Ready to be Jonas?

Ready to be Jonas?

Run for Delegate to the Direktorium!


Following Cedric in the Office of Delegate to the Direktorium, Jonas has been a member of the Direktorium for this last year, representing the students body.


Jonas, why would you recommend the job to anyone else?

It’s quite fascinating to get first-hand insights into the everyday life of university officials and actually be part of decision processes!

This office is interesting because you get in touch with the reality of the staff’s university. You acquire another perspective completely different from your average student view point.


What were the best moments during your time as Delegate to the Direktorium?

Getting secret information about university politics 😉


What is your recipe against university stress?

Recognizing that the lecturer’s need is not to torture me, but actually to get in touch and convey a message 😛


What’s your advice for the new Delegate to the Direktorium?

Don’t get intimidated by the formalities (because they are really not intimidating)!


And last but not least; What is your favorite fantasy animal?

The Owlbear – The Wrath of the Northern Forests



All Liberal HeArts Go Boom Boom

What a Blast we had!

Dear all, now that the dust has settled, let’s remind ourselves whom to thank:

First of all,

Thank YOU for being there, thank you for being as liberal as you were, for making this fabulous location appear pale compared to your magnificent wild dancing!


Thank you, NICHOLAS, RYAN and SIMON for showing us once again what we value at the UCF; an inspiring community encouraging us to go out there and do something unforeseen!


Thank you PASSAGE 46 for hosting our craziness!


Thank EVERY ONE WHO TOOK A SHIFT at the entrance / wardrobe! You sat by the cold and took it up with this weird assembly they called our guests (including ourselves) while others where already dancing. Chapeau!


Last, and most importantly:

Thank you, PARTY TASK FORCE! You are the ones who put the most work into it, who made this work to begin with and who felt the weight of responsibility! This is not at all to be taken for granted so thank you thank you thank you! More specifically, Thank You SAMAN for using your organizing skills for such a great purpose! For making this evening seriously happening! Thank you PAULI for the great posters. Thank you SIANA and JELENA for doing the Sektempfang and the flyering! Thank you everybody else who was in the task force and contributed even 30 minutes to the planning of this! Thank you each for your contributions, whichever they might have been!


Thank you everybody whom I forgot to mention or whom I don’t thank enough (silly me) for making this evening possible!


What’s left to say? Oh yeah.

Thank you everybody for making the UCF such a great place. Let’s keep up and never stop inspiring ourselves!


First photos can already be admired in the gallery, I am still struggling with the system to get some more up. There aren’t many images, but you can feel the Boom.

Governance Talk

If you are in Freiburg on Wed, 21st January, you are warmly invited to attend the second UCF GOVERNANCE TALK with Dr TEUN DEKKER from University College Maastricht on “Democracy, Discourse, and Philosophy”!

In his talk, Dr Dekker will firstly explain how he uses analytical philosophy to make sense of public political discourse, and secondly present his recently published book, in which he used this method to analyse arguments for the rewards of high public officials (e.g. politicians, bureaucrats).

Info on Teun Dekker:

Info on his book:

Results of the GA

Budget projects for the Liberal HeArts Party as well as for the Maastricht Guest Presents were granted.

In the Voting upon the UCF Erasmus Application Criteria, the following result was obtained, which your executive Organizers will present to the staff:

60% Grade   +   40% Motivation   –   up to 0,3 points through engagement statement


Beware of the awesome LiberalHeArts Party in the Passage 46, coming up on February 5th!

Also, if you want to join the hitchhiking tour to University College Maastricht, write a mail to studentsoutreach@ucf.uni-freiburg.de.

If you want to outreach within Freiburg, come to the PubQuiz on Tuesday // 8pm // Isle of Innisfree to get to know our exchange students from Penn State!

For further information, check out the PDF:


GA 09.01.15

GA This Friday

General Assembly // this Friday // 2pm // KG 1 // 1221


  • UCF Erasmus Application procedure:

Vote on the proposition worked out in the StudentsCouncil Meetings

  • Budget Decision Procedure

Vote upon expanding the student council meetings decision power (with prior announcements)

  • Budget for this Block

Vote upon granting money for the Liberal Hearts Party!


See you there 🙂

Weekly Meetings

Until the end of this block, there will be weekly meetings:

even weeks // Friday // 2pm

odd weeks // Wednesday // 2pm

Since this week is odd, see you tomorrow 🙂


Topics include;

  • Preparation of the GA (next week)
  • Christmas party after the Punch
  • ‘Extracurricular Activities’ –> collect texts for the Website!
  • anything else…?

UCF Erasmus Discussion Friday

Unshared information is more likely to be brought up later in the discussion, suggesting that group discussions should last long enough to get beyond what everyone already knows (Fraidin, 2004; Larson et al., 1998).

Yes, we all know how exhausting discussions often tend to be. But we might also know that discussions can be inspiring and productive! So if the topic interests you, come and discuss with us:

even weeks // FRIDAYs // 2pm

odd weeks // WEDNESDAYs // 2pm

This week (even), we’ll meet on Friday! This week’s topic (as you can deduct from numerous posts and from the common room white board): UCF Erasmus exchange!

Let us discuss about the application criteria for the UCF Erasmus exchange places (Grenoble, Madrid, Utrecht, Maastricht and Amsterdam). Especially if you’re interested in these exchanges, don’t miss this chance to determine how your application should be assessed! Should your engagement count 30% ? How should it count? Should it be in the CV, in your motivation letter or in a seperate signed letter from the institution? Or should we trust the staff to choose the right one? Or is this all so arbitrary, that only grades should count?

Of course, we cannot guarantee you, that our suggestions will be put to action 100%. It might even be that not so many people apply as to make such a selection necessary. We don’t know! But we do know that the staff is indeed very open towards our proposal, so even if you’re not particularly interested in these exchanges, this is an opportunity to actively shape the program for future generations!

See you there 🙂