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There you will find the current StuPo, as well as another account of the topic and considerations that should be on your mind when devising your opinions.

Remember that we want to have a concrete statement that is the product of all UCF students to be represented at the next StuKo on May 8th.

So there’s no time to waist!

Please do read these documents and post a comment, even if it is just a simple one sentence statement as to your ideas of how languages and the UCF should go together in the future!

Let’s shape our program!


your executives!

Common Room Get Together

Dear fellow folks,

The Common Room – our precious space for spontaneous meetings, our platform for liberal Art, our podium for discussions – has lately become rusty.
In order to breathe new life into our friend, there will be a

Thu. 24th April // 7-10pm

There will be two crates of beer, music, some cookies, the newly acquired guitar and hopefully lots of fantastic folks to hang out with!
You are warmly invited to bring more of everything!

Since we will be kicked out of the building at 10pm, we humbly invite you to come early.

Hope to see you all there!


Dear fellow Liberals,

It is a great honor for us to announce the establishment of an online calendar! We will see to it, that it will additionally be printed out and pinned in the Common Room.

As you can hopefully all witness, the most updated version of the calendar will always be accessible on the website. Information regarding General Assemblies, Board Meetings, Eschenbruch Meetings will be regularly posted ahead of time to enable better planning. In order to have an overview, official UCF dates are also included, such as reflection weeks. Most importantly though, specific events by committees and task forces will all be included in this calendar!

Thus, you should soon be able to just take a look on it in order to find out the answers to your most pressing questions;

When is the next Life Science Interest Group Meeting?

When is ABROADen your horizon?

When do the Maastricht students swing by for a visit?

We are still working on the execution of this plan, so we cannot guarantee that there won’t be still some minor troubles of technical and of human kind. Nevertheless we are exited to get ahead and simply take the first step of this project!

To get more organized, to get more input, to get more active!


Yours truly

your executive organizers


Max & Lotte

studentscouncil website is open

Ladies and gents, this is it: The new information hub of the studentscouncil and our idea exchange platform of the years to come.  In its first version we have a news-stream and a forum.

The Stream

The News-Stream will provide you with all fresh fish news concerning UCF and our studentscouncil. We will give an oversight on the assemblies and cover recent events.

The Forum

Facebook is a plain fuck when you want to establish a communication channel that gives everyone of you a say. Rather than having a competition of 150 colleagues on what is the newest post as facebook groups have restricted us to, the forum will give your thought a fair chance to be considered. We organized it around different subjects. Whether you want to discuss recent events of your Life-Sciences major or want to organise a naked cooking session in the courtyard: The forum is your platform to start.


There needs to be a fair discussion and decission making in the future around our website. The forum for instance requires the care of a few moderators. Should all board members be moderators? Should everyone be able to apply as moderators? Marie and I think this is something discusworthy for our next assembly.

Wherever this website will drift: It’s a quick start, in order to get the recent information problems out of the way. How frequent we update, how our updates look like, how many input we will give in the forum: Everything is as always something to be learnt on the go. We hope you are as happy as we are about our first step and will join us on this adventure.


Gregor & Marie