Talks by the Outreach Committee

Effective Altruism: An Introduction and Critical Discussion (25.04, 8-10pm)

On Wednesday, April 25, from 8pm until 10pm the Outreach Committee will host an event on Effective Altruism together with EA Freiburg. After a short introductory talk a critical discussion of EA will take place. To prepare properly, please consider reading a few of the following papers.

(Voluntary) Readings


Iason Gabriel – Effective Altruism and its Critics


Introduction to Effective Altruism

The Logic of Effective Altruism (Peter Singer)

Jeff McMahan – Philosophical Critiques of Effective Altruism


Anthony Skelton – The ethical principles of effective altruism

Gianfranco Pellegrino – Effective Altruism and the Altruistic Repugnant Conclusion

Eikenberry, Mirabella РExtreme Philantrophy: Philanthrocapitalism, Effective Altruism, and the Discourse of Neoliberalism