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Interested in seeing some new faces from different university colleges? Join us at the second annual Inter-College Get-Together of University College Tilburg, Freiburg, and Maastricht!

This very exciting event will take place on Friday, May 14th, between 15:00 and 18:00. The main theme of the afternoon will be a delayed Labour Day celebration. It will consist of a chill introduction, followed by two fun workshops you can join, organized by Tilburg University College and University College Freiburg. Below are the descriptions of both workshops:

  1. TUC Workshop:
    In this workshop we will discuss the idea of an EU-wide minimum wage. We will look at the current minimum wages in Europe, and the most recent proposal for a common framework. Moreover, we will discuss the (in)significance of socioeconomic rights, and which hurdles stand in the way of their realisation. To keep our hands occupied we will also try some origami. We are counting on and looking forward to your input!
  2. UCF Workshop:
    We get to know each other by playing games that relate to our labour topic – the workshop will be organized in two units, one before the break and one afterwards. All games are for free, of course, and designed for online playing. It’ll be a hoot and we hope to see you there!

The deadline for signing up is Wednesday, May 12th (noon). Before the 14th, you’ll receive an email from us with the discord server link we’ll use throughout the event.

We hope to see you on the 14th!


The committee of Outreach is looking for new members and a new secretary of Outreach starting April 2021. If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact us via email

The committee has always been known for its innovative ideas and very different projects, we think it will be a great opportunity for YOU to reinvent it yet again!

Aptly named, the Outreach Committee’s goal is to reach out to other Liberal Arts programs and colleges, the larger Uni Freiburg and the city itself. Therefore, our focus is on establishing and maintaining partnerhsips with other like-minded universities and colleges (such as Leuphana University Lüneburg, University College Maastricht, University College London) with joint projects and activities of various kinds.

These include the hitchhiking challenges to Maastricht as well as organizing their stay when they visit us. Furthermore, we co-organized the first Liberal Education Students Conference (LESC) in Lüneburg and carried out the second LESC here in Freiburg. On top of that, we organized the 1st Liberal Education Student Symposium (LESS) in 2018. Since then the LESS has continued to live on as an annual event that is hosted by a different Liberal Arts institution every time. In the past, we also organized a Harvard buddy program, took care of a tutoring system for our Ersties,  we keep on collecting reviews of non-UCF courses and organizing hitchhiking challenges, all the while organizing talks and lectures. In 2019 we founded the angLES journal, a journal for for Liberal Education students from all over Europe. We proudly present our 1st edition and plan on publishing regularly!

Find us on facebook

Find us on facebook!

Last events


However, and most importantly, we are open to innovative ideas and fresh faces!

Meeting: Friday 2pm via our BBB room in ILIAS

(note: the date for the “first meeting” refers to WS2020/21)

Links and Documents

Contact: Luka Hilzendegenstudentsoutreach@ucf.uni-freiburg.de


5th LESC 2020 website (Vilnius)

1st LESS 2018 (Liberal Education Student Symposium; Black Forest)

Talks by the Outreach Committee

3rd LESC 2018 website (Utrecht)

2nd LESC 2017 website (Freiburg)

non-UCF Course Reviews: Google Spreadsheet