Journalism Committee


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UCF students’ magazine

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The Jack is an English magazine initiated, run, and published regularly by students of the University College Freiburg (UCF). In every issue of the Jack students and other participants contribute texts and image material that altogether explore one specified overall topic in an interdisciplinary and creative way: the articles may adopt a political, scientific, social, philosophical, personal, cultural or alternative perspective and take divergent stylistic forms. In this spirit, the magazine is an expression of the philosophy of the Liberal Arts and Sciences community in Freiburg, which embraces diversity on an academic as well as cultural and social level.


The editing of the Jack is organized by the UCF Journalism Committee (JC), which every UCF student is invited to join. The JC office holders each adopt a certain area of responsibility. JC members who do not hold an office attend the meetings regularly and assist the office holders in realizing the tasks necessary to edit, layout, fund, promote and sell the magazine.


The Jack is open to contributions from anyone who wants their creative work published: UCF students, students from the University of Freiburg, and even external writers and artists. The JC is the final authority on which works will be published in the magazine and how the content will be presented.

Structure & Content (Sections)

The JC aims at creating a diverse and balanced content for the Jack. Therefore, the magazine is divided into five different sections, which each contain works of specific forms, genres, and content.

Outline of the sections and the potential forms, genres, and content of their articles:

Science & Philosophy

The Science and Philosophy section may comprise philosophical debate, scientific news, and easily accessible scientific essays.

Politics & Society

The Politics and Society section may comprise political essays, academic writing, commentaries, reports, satire, comics, and pro-con debates.

People & Experiences

The People and Experiences section may comprise personal reports, essays, and personal interviews.

Art, Prose & Poetry

The Art, Prose and Poetry section may comprise original artistic works of writing and visual art.

Outside The Box

Anything goes in the Outside The Box Section!


At the beginning of each editing cycle, the JC members elect the JC office holders. Only LAS students can hold offices, however, external students are invited to assist by joining an interest group. All office holders supervise each of their assigned areas of responsibility, which means that they keep track of what needs to be done, execute and oversee these tasks. Each office is accompanied by a corresponding interest group which any JC member may join. The office holder is the head of their interest group, however does not hold singular power.

Outline of the different offices and their corresponding area of responsibility:


  • Two editors-in-chief (distribution of work is flexible)
  • Heads of the committee
  • Organize meetings
  • Coordinate all committee activities

PR manager

  • Manages external relations
  • Organizes meetings with other organizations
  • Holds responsibility for printing, promotion, distribution and fundraising


  • Holds responsibility for fundraising and managing finances
  • Centrally involved in developing a budget plan

Copy editors

  • Minimum of two required
  • Excellent English skills necessary
  • Final editing of spelling and style

Managing editors

  • Five required (one for each section)
  • Each member is responsible for one section
  • Handles submissions
  • Review of content and structure

Layout editor

  • Creates and maintains a layout template
  • Responsible for formatting, layout and print