A committee advancing dialogue on international affairs, based at University College Freiburg

1 About the Committee

Global Affairs in Dialogue (GAD) is a network of student groups and experts, who are studying issues of Global Order in various disciplines.

As part of its members’ wider commitment to and interest in the current challenges faced by different governance structures, from international organizations like the UN to local communities, the GAD’s purpose is to foster the exchange of ideas between experts in the field and students.

Formerly known as the Global Order Project, the initiative was established under the patronage of the former chief prosecutor of the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo in 2015, in a collaboration with faculty and students from the University College Maastricht, University College Freiburg and Harvard University.

In recent years, the Committee has organized several talks, events, and conferences, as well as student excursions to international institutions. Periodically (usually yearly), the Committee will choose a new topic to focus its efforts on. Some of the themes we have explored in the past are immigration, international security, regulation of emerging technologies, and the EU as a global actor.

Aside from our more formal events, the GAD also organizes pub quizzes, open discussions and movie nights for students interested in global affairs.

2 Team Freiburg

In 2015, the first Global Order Conference took place in Maastricht with about ten students from UCF participating. In the aftermath, they took up the role of bringing the next conference to Freiburg. Thus, an organization team was founded to coordinate all Global Order related matters at UCF.

Everybody who is interested is welcome to participate and engage with GAD. Events and other platforms are managed by the organization team. Students who are not entering their final year of studies at UCF are especially encouraged to apply in order to carry the Project over into the year after.

Orga Team Tasks

  • Organize the annual Global Order Conference if it is supposed to take place in Freiburg
  • Prepare interested students from Freiburg for participating in the conference (regardless of location)
  • Provide access to ideas, resources, events, and the network in general for students in Freiburg
  • Interact, exchange ideas, and cooperate with other Global Order Project Teams (e.g. in Maastricht)
  • Maintain an active platform throughout the year for students to engage with topics of Global Order (e.g. organizing a talk series, social media, etc.)
  • Secure funding for the Project and its events
  • Establish relations beyond UCF in Freiburg: invite other students and incorporate them into the project, contact press outlets, local foundations and other public and private actors

3 Contact and further information

Go to our website for more information about the committee, upcoming events and news, and contact details. Like us on Facebook to never miss an event and other important news.


If you have any questions, feedback, or comments to the project and our online representation, you are warmly invited to contact us!

(note: the date for the “first meeting” which is in the video is outdated 🙂 )