Contact the Mediators

The three mediators are an independent organ and not part of the board. They confidentially resolve individual conflicts within the Students Council or conflicts of members with the University staff on a personal level.

They are currently in charge of:

  • all online means of communication (facebook,
  • the Students Council elections
  • mediation among the students or between the students and UCF
  • the communication with prospective students
  • multiple events (Major Information Event, Inter–Cohort Get Together)

They are here to help you and will support you in your cause!

We are also eager to hear from your you are in the position of currently thinking about discontinuing your studies in the LAS programme. Your perspective is of high value to us and can contribute to an improved environment here at the UCF.

Your current mediators are:
Luise Schneider, Ella Bernardini, and Benjamin Schult.