ImMUNity is UCF’s committee for all matters related to the United Nations (and other international organizations, IOs). As the name hints at, this committee focuses its efforts on Model United Nations, simulations of (parts of) the UN system. Primarily, it selects and trains the official UCF delegation and accompanies it to various MUN conferences, such as the National Model United Nations or Geneva International Model United Nations. Beyond weekly meetings, the delegation is prepared with various workshops, small-scale simulations, or lectures. Delegation members are also committee members and help with organizational matters. Such MUN-related events and other IO-related events – seminars, lectures, workshops, or social events – are open to everyone and constitute the second pillar of the committee’s work. Besides the delegation (first pillar) and events (second pillar), the committee also concerns itself with the academic and educational site of UN and IO-focused committee work (third pillar). This third pillar primarily contributes to the work of the other two pillars by, for example. Preparing background guides, study material, or finding experts. Students are invited to become a member of this committee and contribute to one or multiple of these three sub-committees.

You can reach us at or find us on Facebook.

Delegates handbook for MUNs