Welcome to ALAS! The currently under-construction Alumni organization, also known as Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni e.V.

On October 15th 2016 the first cohort of students pioneered their way out of the UCF doors.

Celebrating a succesfull Graduation, we are united in the experience Studying at UCF has brought us. We are now pioneering again: in a new family, which will once become bigger than the one present at Freiburg: we are now the founders of the UCF Alumni.

The Main Objectives

  • Helping our Alumnis in finding Contacts around the world, to mingle and collaborate
  • Supporting the Students at UCF and our Alma Mater in delivering great education
  • Building a fruitful collaboration with the existing Alumni efforts of University Freiburg
  • Help students remain in contact with the University and help organize teaching opportunities

How we are going to do this

  • Building an accessible Database of our Alumnis
  • Keeping close contact with the Studentscouncil and the Staff
  • Being in Contact with the Alumnis for Updates
  • Organising fun and intellectual activities such as speeches, conferences and work-shops


For our first Year, we are currently planning to ask everybody joining to pay a small fee of 10€-20€. With this money we will pay for the webserver and have a little budget to finance our first year of action. As of right now we are looking into financial options, of whether or not we ask for a small annual fee or just finance us by new people joining.

In a few weeks you will be able to register to join ALAS via Google forms. We will keep you updated on the process


With the decision of the studentscouncil of November 2015 and by the decision of the first founding Session of ALAS the three current officers are:

Giorgio Chiara – President
Gregor Ranft – President
Rebecca Renz- Financial Officer and current Alumni Representative @ UCF

See you soon!