A poem by Paul J. Grünsch

One year of Liberal Arts rewind’
A program innovatively designed
Combining studies of several kind
Intended to create a habit of mind

It is based on four old and honorable houses
Which are assigned by the Sorting Hat
Or the three year old majors of L A S
And what the mandatory introductions beget

For once, there is Governance
Teaching students commonsense
Followed by Life Simonces
Connecting cells to consciousness
Then Earth and environment
Prolonging natures retirement
Lastly,  Culture and History
Unraveling men made mystery

But let us not forget the Core
Challenging our ideals is more than decor
And no I don’t mean the liberal heart
Not the party, but the true innermost part
Where we explore complex background knowledge
And share our problems with the university college
However the clear reflective enterprise might become muddy
When we ask why, John Dewey study

Have you ever awaited the weekend, yawning?
In a lecture at eight in the morning
I had a dogmatic slumber, you too?
Ever felt lost like Robinson Kruso?
Have you ever asked
Why the knowledge taught in class
Kant often be applied?
But if you wonder when the last dinosaur died
If you have that problem Gettier
For a class of Epistemology
A synonym for Scientology
The answer to episteme
I believe is epoche
However you can decided to still be naive
Or if you want descarted your believe
But cogito ergo sum leaves ya
Only with deus ex machina

For the less complicated why’
That can be easily calculated by
Statistics there is DE EN EI
It taught me that women like beards
How to properly measure beers
The location of all my rich peers
And which questions are for R
Unfortunately, where we are so far, nah
Amiss is the statisical analysis
When directions are only for hypothesis

Where are we
Between committees and commitment
Between deadlines and Life Sciences
Between minor and major problems
Between LAS affairs and laissez-faire
Between time passing by and goodbye time
Between fair well and welcome week
Between going abroad and staying on board

In this life
What can we bargain for, its fast and quick
We had the metaphor of castle and ship
Are ruins alongshore now, our masts are stripped?
No we are full power
We are a commodore, with vasts to skip
And the castle, evermore, shall lasts the tip
Of its highest tower
But more than before, we are asked to grip
The oars and the steer to new shores.

In dungeon and brig
As of now question and doubt
About progression in route
Will be used freshening out
The accumulated LAS ballast
So we can build a spaceship or a palace
Here is my pick

Sometimes I do feel like John Snow
How do i do APA-citation?
Why do my believes need justification?
What is it then that implies causation?
Where and when can i find my vocation?
But there is a culmination:
Nicholas, what does the fox know?


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