EO Newsletter May 7th 2023

Dear LASers,
thank you so much for attending last week’s ICGT. We enjoyed spending time with you! We hope you have a good time aswell. Here is also a small reminder for the upcoming General Assembly on May 26th! We have a lot of vacant offices, so feel free to apply for the positions available (detailed description in the Newsletter for April 23rd)

UCF News

SC Meeting

Please note that there will be no SC meeting on the coming Friday. Additionally, the SC meeting did not take place this week either, as there wasn’t to-be-discussed topic; so, for those wondering: there are no minutes to share for this week.

Looking For

New delegates to the StuRa

Do you want to know what the university student council (StuRa) is doing? Are you interested in the politics of improving the study conditions for all students at the university? Do you want to contribute to the student community by taking up a low-intensity office? Become a delegate to the StuRa in the university elections this July! If you’re interested or want more information, shoot a message to stura.ucf{at}gmail.com or talk to Caren (cohort 7)!


Survey: How do you finance your studies?

The survey is conducted by the Max-Planck-Institute in Bonn. The results may help improve the state financial support! If you have 15 minutes, you are more than welcome to participate in the survey! Plus, you will have the possibility of winning 25 euros!

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