EO Newsletter April 30th 2023

Dear LASers,
we hope you are enjoying your weekend and wishing you a pleasant uni-free day tomorrow. Here is also a warm reminder for our next ICGT on May 5th at 2 p.m. in the Co-Creation-Room.

UCF News

GA Agenda

General Assembly –  the highest body of the Students Council – will take place on Friday, the 26th of May, at 2pm. Please join us in KG I 3042.  We’re looking for people for subsequent offices:

– 2 Executive Organisers (at least 1 non-female)
– 1 Treasurer
– 2 Delegates to the Board of Studies
– 2 Mediators (at least 1 non-male)
– 1 Secretary of Outreach

Take a look at the infographic, and if you’re in need of more info, here you may find it. We highly encourage you to run for one of the student council offices!  Don’t hesitate to shoot any of the Students Council office holders an email for more info!  You still have questions? Feel free to contact the EOs at studentscouncil{at}ucf.uni-freiburg.de.

Feminism2Go meeting time
Attention! Attention! The meeting time of “Feminism2Go” has changed! We now meet every Wednesday (except for the last week of each month, here the meeting takes place on Monday!) at 6 p.m. at the Max-Kade-Auditorium I ! We have a lot of exciting projects going on, which we would be delighted to present to you! We are happy to see you there!

UCF’s Summer Camp
Yes, you read that right! We have news for our Summer Camp! We are happy to announce that this year’s camp will take place from July 14th until July 16th. More information will follow in the near future. STAY TUNED!

SC Meeting
Our next SC meeting is taking place on May 5th at 1 p.m. in the Common Room. If you are interested in what we have talked about in the past meeting, here are the minutes! If you wish to check next week’s agenda and maybe add your wishes, you may click here. Please not that there will be no SC meeting on May 12th!

Looking For

UCF Open day Campus Tour + Info Session

Prospective LASers are visiting us for the first time since COVID! Isn’t that exciting?! But for this to happen, we need your help! We are looking for people who are willing to help out on May 12th from 2 to 4 p.m. — the campus tour and the info session. Are you interested? Feel free to e-mail studentscouncil{at}ucf.uni-freiburg.de.

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