EO Newsletter May 14th 2023

EO Newsletter May 14th 2023

EO Newsletter 05/14/2023

Dear LASers,
We hope you’re doing well! Summer is finally coming to Freiburg, so don’t forget your sunscreen when you go out to get that sweet Vitamin D.
Thank you to all the volunteers for the open day last week!

UCF News

Study abroad: Credit recognition deadline

The deadline for recognition for your studies abroad is tomorrow! If you want your courses recognized ASAP, now’s your last chance to format all your paperwork and send it off. Best of luck!

Camping: Save the date reminder

Just in case you’re not excited yet… UCF summer camping is back! It will take place between July 14th and 16th at Schwörstadt like tradition dictates. Mark your calendars for a weekend full of sunlight, fun, and swimming in the Rhine.
(And Intensity certainly won’t say no to a few more volunteers… they’ll have a joint mensa lunch at noon on Wednesday, May 24th, so feel free to check it out!)

Looking For

Hitchhiking event hosts

This week (May 18th-20th), it’s time for the Maastricht students to arrive and get to know Freiburg, UCF, and you! If you have any ideas for small events you’d like to host — whether it’s a brunch at Seepark, a hike up Schlossberg, or just a lecture they can sit in on — don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to once more bring our partner colleges together! 

New delegates to the StuRa

Do you want to know what the university student council (StuRa) is doing? Are you interested in the politics of improving the study conditions for all students at the university? Do you want to contribute to the student community by taking up a low-intensity office? Become a delegate to the StuRa in the university elections this July! If you’re interested or want more information, shoot a message to stura.ucf@gmail.com or talk to Caren (cohort 7)!

New officeholders

Our GA is coming up on May 26th (2pm, Room 3042 in KG3) … which means it’s once more time to vote! We are looking for two new EOs (at least 1 non-female), two Delegates to the Board of Studies,  two Mediators (at least one non-male), 1 Treasurer, and 1 Secretary of Outreach.
You’d like to know more about the positions? Check our new SC website for more information!
Want to check out the GA agenda? Look no further than here!

Sweater volunteers

The Outreach committee has been working hard on bringing the UCF sweaters back (in more colors than before, even)! However, their team is currently very small. If you’re as impatient as us about finally wearing some certified UCF merch, get in touch with Deborah (studentsoutreach@gmail.com) — it’s really not a lot of work, but it will make a big change!


University Survey

The Uni Freiburg is currently conducting a survey into students’ opinions on their studies. You should have received a link in your email already – don’t forget to fill it out, as that gives the Uni Freiburg a chance to improve! (You might also win a neat prize.)
Our mailing address is:

Our website is:

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