Major Interest Groups

Dear all,

In the meeting yesterday we discussed some ways to improve the organization of the major interest groups. Now, we won’t force anyone to do anything, but we did all agree that some more organization could help us to inspire one another, pass on good ideas, and, if really wanted, organize projects.

Thus, the next step is simply to have a regular monthly meeting for each major, where you can get together with people of common academic interest, simply to talk about matters that your are currently engaged in, ideas you might have, or questions that come up, be they academic or organizational.

Furthermore, if you are on Facebook, you can join the interest group group 🙂

If you’re still unsure, what a major interest group actually is, check out the text provided in the menu, when you click on ‘interest group’! All majors are also encouraged to put up a brief introduction and meeting times, but for now, please refer to the Facebook group or to the people directly, whose contact is also provided under ‘interest group’.