Major Interest Groups

Dear Liberal Artsies,

Choosing a Major is easier for some and tougher for others. In order to fully stay informed and to explore your preferred Major to a deeper extent we have established Major Interest Groups which meet on a regular basis and organise events such as talks, discussions, and generally act as platform for exchanging opinions about the different Majors. Since These Major Interest Groups have been more or less active since many of the 3rd years left we hereby warmly invite you for a meeting of all the Major Interest Groups on
TUESDAY // 25th of November // 7.30pm // Common Room
We encourage you all to come, yet in case you cannot, here are the E-Mail addresses of the People responsible for the different Groups:
Live Sciences – Marius                          

Culture & History – Theresa Fachinger  

Governance – Ruth Billen and Teresa W.

Earth & Environmental Sciences –  Chris

See you there!