Just so you know

Our amazingly productive REVISION SESSION came up with this plan for a renewal of structures etc. This is the future. Just so you know.

Of course, there is still room for discussions and refinements, however, it is also time to act BEFORE we get a new cohort. So they should be refined and vited upon more or less immediately when we’re all back at the UCF (or perhaps in two stages, if it turns out nobody’s there at the same time).

Anyway. Read it. Think about it. Have a nice break. Come back healthy and happy and eager to do this 🙂

See ya,

your Revision Task Force


In a nutshell:

NEWS-whiteboard – will always be equipped with present issues and upcoming events

OPEN SESSION – everyone is invited to come, if present topics interest them

new structure

–> opening: brief introduction of topics

–> discuss & chit chat: (ca. 20 min.) talk with whomever you want about the topics that interest you

–> conclusion: briefly collect thoughts/ideas/arguments on the topics

‘VOTING RIGHTS’ for all of those present!

–> if there are immediate decisions to be taken, all those present in the previous discussion may vote

1 GA per block

– wrap up all the important issues into one well-prepared nice GA in a big room 🙂

– of course further GA’s if topics arise, that are very important for all

3 MIXED COHORT executive organizers!


– february; new committee heads elected

– old ones remain co-officer until september

5€ voluntary (but recommended) DONATION

– for things as Lüneburg,

– party money 🙂

– awesome activities money!


– to organize fun LAS events


– to make everything prettier! (invitations, posters, etc.)

Website Admin

– to keep it up to date