GA News

In today’s GA, we discussed the issue of Financing the students council activites, such as visits from Maastricht, future parties, or other fun activities!

The GA considered it a good idea to have a basic stock of funding money which can be used for committees and interest groups and whatever great UCF-related ideas you have!

We thank the everyday heroes involved in the last cake sales, for you increased our budget by 100%! 🙂

However, since our budget is quite low these days and since it will take a while until we get money from the ASTA and since nobody seems to be very eager to organize and conduct regular cake sales in the future, we have the following proposal:

In the beginning of the next semester, we will ask for a voluntary donation of lets say 10 € of all new and old LAS students. In the Welcome Week, there will then be a party, where people who donated receive a free beer!


Further results of the GA as follows:

1. The Assembly voted in favor of refunding the costs of the Maastricht visit to the Outreach Committee.
2. Concerning the upcoming Welcome Week, it seems like a LAS-HĂĽttengaudi with the Newbees would be a fun idea! Therefore, we already need to organize a task force as such a hut would need to be reserved within the next weeks. If you think this is a good idea, then find others to organize it with and go ahead =)
3. If you are interested in thinking about the (dis)advantages and necessary features of potential Oral English Classes, please contact Marius Merkle:
In fact, our Dean is thinking seriously about implementing such courses at the UCF. Therefor, if we want to have our voice heard we need to refine our arguments.
4. Sadly, the LASer Party is not happening this semester, BUT there will be a PEP – Post Exam Party! Somewhere outside, maybe barbecue, definitely music and definitely beer! However, we’re not sure yet about the date.
Keeping in mind that our students council is organized in a non-hierarchical manner,
Let’s try finding a date that fits best for ALL LAS-STUDENTS!
VoilĂ  the Doodle!
5. As we already wrote in the last Mail, please send us short descriptive texts of charitable projects you want to share with your engaged fellow students, so we can create a nice platform of exchange and inspiration.
6. also, just to clarify; the Erasmus Price celebration has less to do with the Erasmus program, and less to do with anybody winning anything and more with everybody celebrating, namely celebrating our study program! Just forget the name and think of it as a fancy event with a great buffet and influential people who should support the UCF.
once again, if you want to come, just be there, Reading Room, Thursday 26th, 18:15 to see if you get in.


Finally, the Minutes of the GA are available in the Forum.