GA reflections

During the last GA, we unfortunately all found out once again just how difficult grassroots democracy can be. In the future, we plan to avoid such proliferation by;

– having a speakers list

– having a discussion leader who will

  • highlight the arguments raised to insure that points are not repeated
  • if necessary interrupt overly lengthy speeches
  • keep the whole discussion within a reasonable time frame

– always keep in mind the agenda and the goals of our meeting!

– have a written agenda there, so everybody can see, what topics are discussed in that particular GA and whether it is worth hanging around

– as already stated previously having a definite cut after one hour where all important points have been adressed

– if necessary, outsource topics worthy of discussion to task forces, separate meetings or other means of communication (such as forums or questionnaires…)


We’re constantly working on this topic, and GAs will not always be only pleasant and breezy and light, but we hope that this will already contribute to an effective GA culture in which topics can be addressed effectively.

See you Tuesday!