ABROADen your horizon!

Dear fellow students,

In order to inform you about the fantastic opportunities to go abroad and help you survive the bureaucratic jungle on your way there, we are holding an informational event on

Friday // 09.05.2014 // 4pm // KG I 1221

There will be short lectures about

  • UCF exchanges
  • exchanges through the IO
  • Erasmus programs

Afterwards, there will be anĀ exchange of knowledge between the two generations!

Thus, you will be able to talk to 1st cohort students who will soon depart for their adventures. They can provide details concerning the process the have already been through, be it applying through the IO, through this or that faculty with Erasmus, applying for a DAAD scholarship or the UCF exchanges or be it organizing their own free mover project.

You will find answers to many interesting questions that you previously didn’t even know you had!

Hope to see y’all there!

your Abroadening task force