The EcoALAS committee brings together English-speaking students who are interested in sustainability and environmental issues. We organize events which promote eco-friendly behaviour and awareness, such as clothes swaps, hikes, workshops (ex: sustainable gift wrapping, DIY hygienic products, upcycling), movie nights, and sustainable study material sales. 

We also have a bike sharing system, where students can sign up to use the bike for free. Especially when you have friends or family visiting, this bike makes being mobile in Freiburg easier. Since we like sharing this much, we also offer a share shelf in the Common Room where students can take and give items, and get the texts you need for most courses (so you can save some trees).


           material sale                             share shelf                                   clothes swap

We hold meetings bi-weekly, which are open to all LAS and non-LAS students. Everyone is always welcome, no matter if you want to join the committee or not. All ideas and contributions are highly appreciated!

(note: the date for the “first meeting” which is in the video is outdated 🙂 )

Feel free to contact us about anything and especially if you want to borrow the  bike.