The Student Board consists of the twelve elected offices concerning either the student councils’ social activities or the official matters.


Executive Organizers


The three Executive Organizers are the linking element of the board and the main coordinators and representatives of the StudentsCouncil. They organize the StudentsCouncil with its regular meetings, and communicate issues of the StudentsCouncil to the UCF Staff in monthly meetings. Moreover, they collect ideas and implement projects. They are responsible to encourage active engagement of the student body by distributing tasks and coordinating task forces.

The three Executive Organizers are Carlotta Rudolph, Franziska Franke and Julian Schäfer




The Mediators are the contact persons for students with university related problems. They also deal with topics connected to the website, prospective students. Additionally, do they take care of the UCF Facebook group and have an overview of the students opinion by conducting polls and direct conversation .

The Mediators are Chiara Giardi, Paulinus Burger and Philip Strecker.


Delegate to the Direktorium


The Delegate to the Direktorium participates in the “Direktoriumssitzungen”. He represents the student’s interest in these meetings of the big bosses and communicates information and opinions in both directions.

The Delegate to the Direktorium is Annika Edl.


Delegates to the Board of Studies

The Study Commission deals with different issues regarding the LAS Studien- und Prüfungsordnung, which is the document defining and regulating our programme on a legal basis. All changes to this important paper have to be accepted by the inter-faculty Study Commission, so the four delegates have the vital duty to represent the student’s opinions and take a stand for our interests.

The Delegates to the Board of Studies are Nils Lang, Lara Ellenberg, Mathias Auer and Kassandra Friedrichs.

Member of the Fakultätsrat


The member of the Fakultätsrat is elected in University Elections and participates (with voting rights) in the meetings, where the development of the fourteen institutions of the faculty of philosophy (among these the LAS bachelor) are discussed. Furthermore, the member of the Fakultätsrat participates as a fourth student representative in the LAS Studienkommission.

The Member of the Fakultätsrat is Nils Lang.



The treasurer keeps track of the StudentsCouncil’s money. He/She is responsible for collecting the 5€ donation at the beginning of the semester and for executing budget decisions, such as granting committees money for specific projects

 The Treasurer is Sarah Werner.

Secretary of Outreach


As the head of the Outreach Committee Jonas is responsible for the committees activities and its communication with the rest of the Student Board.

The Secretary of Outreach is Jonas Skorzak.


Secretary of University Affairs 


The delegates to the StuRa represent the all LAS students within the Studierendenrat. In the StuRa representatives of all study programs gather to discuss the current state of affairs in the university-wide student life (e.g. budget decisions). This office has only recently gained importance since the students council has now become a so-called “Fachbereich”.

The Sectretary of University Affairs is Jonas Wagner.