The StudentsCouncil

The UCF Students Council is the study association of all Liberal Arts and Sciences students at the University College Freiburg. It simply means that LAS students get together, shape their own program and focus their brains and brawns on awesome projects. Its organisation was set in the second Students Council Charter.



StudentsCouncil Meetings IMG_2292

The StudentsCouncil Meetings serve to communicate news about academic and non-academic topics, discuss students’ opinions and ideas, organize and plan upcoming events and projects, welcome new ideas and prepare the General Assembies!

According to the Charter, the office holders will always be present; but the StudentsCouncil depends on your participation! This doesn’t mean you need to come every time. You are always welcome and especially when there is a topic of particular interest we encourage you to attend the meeting!

To see, which specific topics are on the agenda of a certain meeting, check out the Website (home/blog) or your mails. If you know of another issue or have an idea that should be on the agenda, please write us an email ( and we’ll be more than happy to include it!

The Meetings will take place in the

Common Room //  Every other week // Mondays at 7 pm (Block IV, 2018)

General AssemblyGeneral_Assembly_at_the_Tron_Kirk,_Edinburgh

Additionally, there will be two General Assemblies per semester, one at the beginning and one towards the end. While the StudentsCouncil Meetings will be the place to discuss issues that deserve discussion, the General Assembly will be mainly information, votes, and elections. However, if there is a topic where more opinions are needed, it might be raised in the General Assembly again. Committees and the treasurer will make announcements, budget decisions will be made, and offices will be elected. We will always try to limit it to one hour duration.

The next General Assembly will take place

in a large Lecture Hall // room and date t.b.a.

We hope, you kind of have a rough picture of how this works for now. You will probably understand more after your first GA and after you have come to a StudentsCouncil meeting.

Hope to see you soon!